Why click speakers MacBook Pro 16″. How to fix

Despite the fact that Apple products have always been of high quality, rare release products was not accompanied by extra updates with corrections of certain defects. It even led to the creation of a special category of users who prefer to wait before buying a few weeks or even months, thus giving the manufacturer the opportunity to resolve all admitted flaws. This files most often have to wait long, however, the fact that the company is engaged in marketing crude product, a few hits to its reputation.

New MacBook Pro 16″ emits clicking sounds, but Apple does not consider it a marriage

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Apple acknowledged the failure, which makes the dynamics of the new MacBook Pro with a screen diagonal of 16 inches to issue a clicking noise when you stop the playback of audio or video content. However, instead of releasing a public press release to calm users, Apple was limited only to internal document that will be distributed exclusively among the employees of the Apple Store and authorized service centers worldwide. It was necessary to explain first the experts how to behave in the event of receipt of complaints from the user of the affected laptop.

Whether to carry a MacBook Pro to a service center

“If you use Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Quick Time, and also playing music, movies and other applications for audio, the MacBook Pro 16″ can hear a clicking sound from the speakers after a pause. Apple is already investigating this issue and plans to release a fix with one of the following software updates. In respect of the affected computers are prevented from providing the repair services or replacement because the problem is of software nature,” — said in a statement Apple.

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The software nature of the failure that occurred with some instances of MacBook Pro 16” is certainly good news. In any case, how can the problem please expensive laptop, especially in comparison with the production marriage, which at first also could not be ruled out. But from a practical point of view it changes nothing. Still, if the user is now editing videos or mixing music, the constant manifestation of a software bug can actually make the computer useless in the selected usage scenarios.

Click speakers MacBook Pro. What to do

However, you can try to temporarily fix the problem, because the crash occurred not in the speakers, and the operating system itself. This means that in theory a clicking noise when the audio playback or video playback may occur at earlier models of Apple laptops.

  • Run the application “Audio MIDI setup” in the utilities folder of macOS;
  • In the tab “Built-in output” look the parameter “Format” with a value of 44 100 Hz;

How to change the sample rate on MacBook

  • In the drop down box, change the value to 48 000 Hz;
  • Start playback any video or music track and put it on pause, the clicking should disappear.

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This happens due to the sampling rate. The fact that digital sound would cut into fragments, which are also called samples. The number of these fragments are expressed in thousands of Hertz or kilohertz per second. By default, every Mac operates at a frequency of 44.1 kHz, the same standard used for CD-ROM drive. For some reason, drivers of computer may not be able to handle the audio with this sampling rate, and thus fixing it should solve the problem.

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