Why companies migrate to Apple, and then squeezed her steps?

Yesterday Samsung has announced the phone so special is the A8s which was the first phone released in the world with the new Samsung not renowned as O where come camera like a hole in the side of the screen. The phone was great most the category average of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 710 and the memory up to 8 GB and a storage capacity of 128 GB and the number 3 rear camera in addition to the abolition of a separate headset and Bluetooth 5… What !!! The abolition of a separate speaker in a Samsung phone!!! This is the first season established a school of ridicule from the Apple phone because without a separate 3.5 mm. So what happened, Samsung? Where is the headphone port of your device, giant Korea?

لماذا تهاجم الشركات أبل ثم تقلد خطواتها؟

Although the article sarcastic but the point is that the court only had to return the sarcasm lovers Samsung Apple fan like we are idiots and we buy devices from the company abolished the separate images; it is Samsung’s join the convoy and meet my home and the news was saying that all the appliances category I, as well as a medium I will no headphone port. The article will discuss the one idea which is “why” – why this happens and why companies decide to ridicule from Apple and then follow the step by. I think that most of us mention Google, which scoffed at the pixels 1 in the absence of a separate speaker in the iPhone and then announced removed are also in the Pixel 2.

To clarify a very important

This article is a “clarification” rather than “justification” there is a huge problem occur in other so as to create between the two terms; when you decide Apple or Samsung or Facebook to do step by step and published an article to clarify the reason for this step we learn the vicious attack and that we “justify” or “apply”. Illustration is to explain why this happened and how I thought the company when made; any all what is published is that we share the role of the police and encourage her point of view. The justification is to adopt this view and try to prove that it is the only sound. We hope that up on the difference between the two terms this time.

The difference between the vendor and the owner of the market

Tell me whichever sold more in the markets? Chargers and cables provided or the original? Any apparel sold more big brands or traditional clothes? In every market there is a “market maker” there are resellers of others; sometimes be the market maker or market leader Market Leader is the largest company and sometimes not. For example, in the world of electronic shops market maker is Amazon is also the king of this area available “out of China”. When you want to do something, and you think you fit tells you another “yes Amazon do this” it’s an instrument that steps up. This does not mean that Amazon sells more than all the other companies but it means that they “set standards of the market.” When you decide to Amazon’s focus on groceries and vegetables find all the big websites on the internet begin to enter the same field.

How’s the market leader

This question is complex and actually there is no clear answer but there are several ways; sometimes be the market leader found that he first entered this area in this rose mentally to the public as a whole; sometimes there is a particular area and steadily and the stability of the and then enter the specific company and do something different, it had acquired huge popularity avoid the rest of the companies in the market provide the same thing, making their sales increase. After a period this company offers another idea is repeated it himself; with the market implies that the company is “blah” are the ones that offer things that change there are the market; yes we as his rival, we can offer the same their idea at a much lower cost to them and that greater sales but we remain in waiting to submit they are the new idea. Same thing in blackjack understanding perceive it as innovative when offering something different to say, “great let’s wait until the Chinese get it”.

Apple’s smart phone market

In the smart phone market you think Apple is the market leader… yes is not the biggest manufacturer of phones; center its second loss in favor of Huawei and the second will be next year for Shawty but she stayed so far is the engine of the underlying market let us look to history:

◉ 2007 : see the phones before Apple, and then she told me are the same old smartphones, listen, or scroll the world for a phone touch screen without buttons?

◉ 2010: Do you remember the quality of the young old? Then Apple introduced the concept of “Retina Display,” said Steve Jobs at the time that the number of ppi should be 300 and already sold the company and then provide the screens of superior quality.

◉ 2011: Apple launched its Siri; since this time and both companies are working on the Intelligent Personal Assistant.

◉ 2012: launched the Apple in the world the concept of insight as to talk; now is essential in any phone starts its price of$100.

◉ In 2013: launched the Apple A7 processor, which was the first with 64Bit; before her were all wizards 32Bit then Apple made her therapist during the year, Google announced support for 64Bit in Android.

◉ 2014: Apple launched its defense system Apple Pay since that time and all companies, but some shops such as Starbucks make the payment similar.

◉ 2016: Apple launched its World “theme of the” camera extra in the background since this time, cameras and background increase. As Apple announced the abolition of separate images, and everyone started to gradually imitated was another company Samsung abolished it yesterday.

◉ 2017: Apple launched its World “theme” extrusion it has almost become this is the form of current phones. In addition to the concept of prints of the face of the real.

◉ 2018: the virtual slide with the iPhone XS

Others miss on Apple

I know that there are some now began to make fun of it and say “Where are the achievements?” The screen? Others who submitted screens of the best and the biggest.. the footprint of the development has suitable Apple above; either Siri became primitive when compared to Google and Amazon. Camera binary has become there are triple and quad also and even in the extrusion now has become the most beautiful and much smaller than that provided by Apple. Why do you think Apple’s market maker and others who miss it aren’t you? And, of course, do not forget that the extrusion already the company Essential Abu Android “Andy Rubin” Apple gave him a month… as well as there have been phones fingerprint before Apple phones dual camera by Apple, as well as a personal assistant by Apple and pay phones by the Apple. And slide the virtual drive by Google before Apple, too. Where’s the superiority of Apple?

The image of the phone based on the first phone built women

Misconceptions about market maker

Let’s fix some concepts about the market maker:

◉ The market maker does not mean it is always the first to start technical.

◉ The market maker does not mean that it will be always the best.

Most of the time we talked that Apple is not the first innovative techniques, but the versatility of the Apple in the re-definition of the technique; it can test the role of market maker in the phrase “Let’s focus in this area”. This is the role of the market maker. Tell Apple the market that focus the better screen. And match everyone and steal the Apple. Tell Apple to the market that the phone must be by the intelligent assistant; and surpassing Google on Siri. Either you continue in development in the same direction, it’s not innovation. Sense to put a third camera and the other put 4 cameras background and will be 5 and 6 so it’s not innovation but rather a “natural evolution”… evolution is to save the market for the new concept entirely.

The feature of the next Apple in front of its competitors

Apple possesses a competitive advantage to the murderer in front of its competitors is “the boy and iOS” overfill Apple is the most loyal to his company as well as is the only company offering a phone with iOS build on it when Apple is offering to step violent such as the abolition of a separate heaven and overfill Apple gets angry but does not leave the company and continue with the iPhone. If by Huawei like Step get angry users who will buy Samsung or Shawty or OBO or Or or… will not bring to much, he’s got a huge number of options and its own if it is “for Android” and not the company itself.

What about companies that already Apple

Is Apple the first to have abolished the port of heaven like? The truth is not prior to Apple two years later and specifically in October 2014 launched the Oppo phone R5 where the idea of the company that make the phone slim and have to cancel that port the sky. So what was the result? I didn’t bring the phone stars after 6 months just launched the Oppo the latest version R7 and re port the sky (I tried the Oppo later Phone update for the R5s and also didn’t bring success). And the OBO cancel the audio port so Apple made this at the end of 2016. So why Apple failed in the Oppo’s?

The image of the Oppo R5 2014

The answer is the previous point of how when I presented this idea was offered by it’s “theme” and something different was a small company so the CARES of the world out of the foundation (I guess most of you never heard about the story of the R5 already) and ignore the buyer’s phone. But Apple when he introduced her he said to the world that this is the shape of the new phones.

Another example is the case of a tranche default E-SIM as introduced by Google in pixels before Apple, but it’s been months and more than a year; have you heard anyone talking about it? Now after the presentation Apple did not starting to see companies connect around the world talking about their support soon. This is the interval between the submission of the technical of the traditional company and evaluation of the market leader.

The article is brief

The market leader is the person/company you are searching for a technique or a particular product; maybe find us and perhaps there wasn’t but possess the traction that you download it and possesses people to make this a regular thing. There may be technical and the product by the “market leader” but they remain immersed and adopted it up offers by the leader of the market they check the spread of the cause they are “immersed” either because they did not provide good, practical, or because its maker is not known already. And remember that when we mention “tablet” comes to mind. iPad even though Steve Jobs introduced it in 2010 while already Bill Gates revealing a tablet in 2000, but tablet devices remained submerged until adopted by the market leader Apple made it practical.

In your opinion do you think the Apple chief and the smartphone market? Or are there other secrets to provide everyone in it?

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