Why Craig Wright — not Satoshi Nakamoto? Another proof

The idea that the head nChain Craig Wright could be the Satoshi Nakamoto, circulates in cryptocommunist for a long time. Factory himself continues to insist, despite all evidence to the contrary. We will remind, earlier exposure of Wright engaged, even in WikiLeaks.

According to criptonita jameson Loppa, between the real Satoshi and Craig Wright there are still a few differences. Lopp has published a more detailed analysis of activity of both individuals and revealed some interesting details. As the subject of his research, Jameson took the positions Nakamoto and activity of the Creator of BSV in the period from 2009 to 2010.

Why Wright is not Satoshi?

If at that point in time, Craig lived in Australia and had the usual sleep, he could not post on Bitcointalk under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. In other words, the activity in blogs Wright does not coincide with the time of publications the original Creator of Bitcoin. Assuming that he really had a hand in the development of BTC, he didn’t sleep a whole year, because the activity of Satoshi Nakamoto has been traced to periods of absence of Wright online.

Look at the graphics inside the tweet.

According to jameson Loppa, the sources for the study are taken from a repository in GitHub and some public sites, where there was activity Craig. A more detailed list of all sources will publish later.

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Judging from the sleep mode, the real Creator of Bitcoin lived or even now lives in the Eastern part of North America or in the Western part of South America. Earlier, the famous millionaire John McAfee said that he knows the real personthat hides under the pseudonym Nakamoto. And it’s not Craig Wright.

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