Why cryptonomicon fail? Example of life

Number of receiving passageways outlets over the past few years has increased significantly. However, mass adoption of Bitcoin is delayed for a different reason — the vast majority of holders of coins are not willing to easily part with their bitcoins. This tendency is evident in the city of Arnhem, which is an entertaining experiment.

No one spends the crypt

As of April 2019 you can spend your bitcoins in 14 518 outlets around the world. Most of them concentrated in Europe and the United States. The number of cryptomate worldwide managed to grow twice in 2018.

Unfortunately, a great offer is not able to find your demand — too few people are willing to spend their bitcoins on a major purchase. The maximum that you can count on a sandwich or coffee for BTC, that change in local cryptomate.

What will the situation be in the future? We can assume, for example, the town of Arnhem in the Netherlands. This place is considered one of the most friendly towards cryptocurrencies around the world. The goal of the authorities of Arnhem is to demonstrate a possible alternative to the traditional financial system through the establishment of a working ecosystem of digital assets.

Here you can arrange a shopping tour to the wine shops, boutiques, hotels and restaurants. All of them are ready to accept Bitcoin as payment for their services. The project cryptoeconomy in Arnhem was launched in 2014, but after a while it lost appeal among the locals and among tourists. Since the beginning of 2019 in Arnhem was committed only 50 transactions in BTC.

Source: Bitcoinist

One of the visitors shared their experience of shopping with Bitcoinist.

I feel a bit silly. In 2015 I bought a t-shirt with bitcoins. Then it cost about $ 30. Now its price has jumped to $ 1,000.

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