Why did you miss social media for health printed?

Revealed a recent study conducted by the Research Center Pew Research Center in the United States, which revolves around how he gets through by the adults on the news, about the delegation of social media “social media” on the printed newspapers as a source of information for youth, which may portend a disaster especially in light of the risk of the spread of false news and fictitious across these networks, which raised the ire of various countries of the world by 2018.

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In another survey conducted in the period between 30 July and 12 August included up to 4581 of American adults, he said, about 68% of respondents get news from social networks, sometimes at least, and the majority of them (57%) and they expect to be news “is accurate to a large extent”, but they nonetheless prefer to follow them, that may be due to several reasons|, we know the following:


They are

– Interactive:

In the case of Health News, whether paper or electronic, we find that the partial interaction of readers with the news may be somewhat difficult, compared to the networks of social media that allows users the ability to comment directly on any existing publication to them easily.

-Users encounter:

Become social networking is an integral part of our lives, so find the most users throughout the day available on the networks of social media, which allows them to see the news through them, compared to news sites, which the user needs to exert effort with respect to open browser and search for the desired content Aug are then accessed.

The geographical scope of:

See some users that get information from real people in need is more source than news sources, for example, upon the occurrence of an explosion in the area, some see that getting information from people living in these areas said they write publications about this explosion through their accounts, the best of the follow-up news sites, as it will be slow in the transfer event and will not know all the details.

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