Why did you removed Samsung port headphones after years of ridicule from the Apple TV?

Several days ago, revealed the Apple TV for Samsung Galaxy A8s screen Infinity-O full that contains the hole for the front camera the first phone with this design, also depends Galaxy A8s the first phone from Samsung without headphones after that laughed at Samsung a lot of Apple in this regard!

لماذا أزالت سامسونج منفذ سماعات الرأس بعد سنوات من السخرية من آبل؟
Why did you removed Samsung port headphones after years of ridicule from the Apple TV?

For two years Samsung publicity campaigns anti-Apple for to remove the headphone port phones iPhone, it started in 2016 with the iPhone 7 and continued it to this day.

In 2016, such as upon detection of Galaxy Note7 said one of the executives of Samsung tone cynical and Apple if the phone has the feature important! Namely, the feature of the headphones to start the audience laughing.

هاتف Galaxy A8s
Galaxy A8s

As with the beginning of this year it launched the Samsung Group of ads anti-Apple mockery from an iPhone X that does not contain a headphone port, this was in the context of marketing for its Galaxy Note 9.

To use conventional headphones on the Samsung Galaxy A8s new you must use cable USB interface-C to 3.5 mm which is same the solution offered by Apple previously.

Galaxy S10 product from Samsung will support the headphone port, but that the report of the website of the Korean news website ETNews reported that Samsung intend to remove it in the Samsung Galaxy Note10 in 2019 and Galaxy S11 in 2020 maybe in other versions too!

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