Why didn’t you get an iPhone old on the shooting mode night?

Perhaps we noticed how much the importance acquired by the cameras in modern smartphones and extent of development that the phones began to achieve in terms of photography! Now you can pick up the featured images by using any smart phone, whether middle class or high, but Apple on the other hand was author of the ever great at this point, perhaps we all remember thinking that I had to check his phones like iPhone 6 and-iPhone 5s only that the great development of the acclaimed currently has made companies move more quickly to maintain their position which is what prompted Apple to launch a distinctive and strong like the Deep Fusion and Night Mode and second we’ll talk today.

لماذا لم تحصل الآي-فونات القديمة على وضع التصوير الليلي ؟

Shooting mode Night Mode

Usually come cameras smart phones in photography during the night which is what prompted the big companies to launch the export feature night of the identity adapted to a feature we saw already in the phones Google Pixel, OnePlus, Samsung and finally Apple. Mostly this feature is dependent on the operating system than on the hardware itself, which is what made us wondering, why didn’t you come this feature for iPhone older iPhone X, iPhone XS as well as 7 and 8.

Night mode might have come just to-iPhone 11 research different is that it works automatically during the night and specifically at the time be the lighting too weak so he is probably no different from that found in other Android phones depends on the issue, right? Does not seem to be like that.

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Night mode depends on the camera iPhone 11 specifically

As reported by Apple features night photography depend on the new camera that we saw in the iPhone 11, here we talked about the main camera which comes with the lens wide Wide Angle in spite of that Apple don’t talk too much about technical details of cameras but they have stated thus:

“IPhone 11 and-iPhone 11 Pro come with sensor new wide camera which cooperates with the operating system as well as processor A13 new to do provide the experience of excellent photography even in low light, once you press the Export button technology, optical OIS install the image and then runs the market software with the camera to capture multiple pictures and merge them into each other”. (Adapted)

Of course this method is not much different from any other phone offers the feature of night photography as well, things are not clear, which is what makes us doubt that the iPhone X and iPhone XS can’t actually do it! This brings us to the most interesting.. why not let Apple’s new phones is the oldest, with it capable of that?

Why not let Apple put Night Photography phones eldest?

We offer them a permit to Apple in the past, and here we have two options, either to believe that Apple already is not able to provide new feature phones older because of the hardware of their own or believe that Apple is capable of it but she doesn’t want this because if we compare this story with Google, we’re they might put the export feature Night Sight in conjunction with the launch of the Pixel 3 in the last year but then sent the water for Pix 2 older and even pixels 1! But may be this comparison is fair because the water has Google rely on the software fully.

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In the following points, we’ll show you the most important reasons that may be preventing Apple from providing this feature for phones the older it is, of course, based on an analysis of the general situation no more, so that no information we only have that Apple will not allow the water because of the hardware so as to permit him personally, and that’s why we start with this assumption:

First theory: the hardware already will not allow this and Apple does not want to make the solution weaker

Yes, this is an assumption stronger as we mentioned more than once is simply to put Night Photography will not work properly and only with a new camera and processor A13 Bionic combined, has been engaged you in a previous article the fact that the new processor features editor nervous Neural Engine new and great concentration on the techniques of machine learning. On the other hand, maybe Apple does not want to develop a system of night vision depends entirely on the software for fear of that not working as required and efficiency desired, and this may be inaction.

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Second theory: Apple wants to make the feature of night photography exclusive docking-iPhone latest

This theory may find its beauty makes more sense! This while Apple didn’t launch until the feature is dependent on software for phones older! If we take the weak sales of the iPhone in previous years into account will be this assumption makes more sense, the company might want you to buy the new phone with all its techniques and its new features from the perspective of the fair-that is their right, but from another perspective it is really bought the iPhone XS more than a thousand dollars a year ago to have all new features, right?

From my opinion the least that can be for Apple to do is to meet in developing the photographing Lily for old phones, at least the beginning of the iPhone 8 Plus! This, of course, if it’s linked to the college hardware while the processor Apple A12 Bionic has enough capacity to run such a feature, especially since there are apps in the store provide water for the apple old already though, of course, lower quality?

In your opinion, in the interpretation of the Apple and its lack of support for night photography in the iPhone old? Share your opinion in the comments



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