Why do companies seek to provide telephone and even slots?

When did Apple cancel port headset 3.5 mm revolution occurred indignant sneer wide from different companies and even users but with the passage of the we saw everyone worry Apple, especially in the phones category. The news that Apple has studied the abolition of the charging port the same, but the experiments failed; and in its last launched the XS/XR on a second tranche of the Virtual; the conclusion with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to incorporate the headset and the phone with the charging port which makes us ask; Why do companies want a phone, they suitable?

When Apple scrapped the audio port mocked all of them until the Google conference in Pixel 1, said among the more that our phone features of course separate for the sky. But the following year was a snap and they cancelled the product in the Pixels 2. I stayed two companies namely OnePlus OnePlus and Samsung; and tomorrow L launches the OnePlus phone 6T will be the most prominent changes is the abolition of a separate hearing. The Samsung steadfast rumors are saying that the S10 next months will cancel the other product. Justified some companies move as to increase the battery but with Time turns out to reverse this command, some devices come without a separate headset at the same time without increasing battery.

A few days ago Huawei launched Mate 20 pro came several wonderful advantages, but it had changed a controversial cancelling headphones the device itself; not talking here about a separate installation of the speaker wired, but we’re talking about the headset device itself, which is no longer open next to the charging port or anywhere else outside but the inside of the charging port itself. And, of course, the trade came good and the performance is great in normal circumstances but if you connect a headset or charger, the situation varies where the sound is decreased strongly to become half or less as stated in the tests GSMArena

Turning an iPhone find that there is help telecom companies to announce support for the chip’s default E-SIM was the last one STC in the declaration of the official account in twitter (tweet later). This makes us think after a few years you might cancel the final tranche of the truth. Add to this the arrival capacity of the storage to 512 GB, which makes a lot of worries about buying cards special memory to storage capacities and speed (read) to more than 1000 MB while the speed of the cards external often 100 mega any 10% speed which decreases performance. Any maybe say goodbye for memory cards also.

Why companies concentrate on the goal to reduce and then cancel the slots and ports of the phone?

The dream phone it suited

With the passage of time become our phones is more important and therefore companies seek to do two things first is to add new features to the second is to protect and secure your device against damage. Both of which helps in reaching them to cancel the device.

The presence of the product itself is not the problem in size, but in his presence by several things for example the audio port means having a slide wire to receive the sound in this place, and slide contact means to put the company’s slide electronic communication with the SIM in this place, and so on. Add to this the companies want to make the phone waterproof and dust accordingly put other things to secure this slot in order not to cause the ingress of liquids and dust to the phone and thus the match criteria IP famous. No, you’re not only forced to put some gear in a certain place, but also forced to put more to protect the device. But if the product itself it’s more the ease of Vickers companies have absolute freedom when they put it inside their devices as well as they don’t need to stuff extra secure phone against damage (will add some factors but not with the current with the openings of the multiple).

The future of the ports

Where Are we in the abolition of the House? This is a question that must be asked… a few years ago we had the following ports this is what happened:


A separate installation of the speaker: the cancellation of the top phones (600$+) and cancellation in the mobile medium (300-600$).


A separate tranche: neighbor move to the default segment, we expect 5 years to transition fully.


Charging port: neighbor increase the speed of charging the radio after the start with 5W and supported Apple 7.5 Samsung supports 10W came Huawei train 15W which makes us in a way to see wireless charging quick. And, of course, works the charging port also for data transfer, but with the development of techniques of transport through the Wi-Fi as well as the presence of alternatives such as the smart home as in the iPad “is not a slot for” lost we see with the development of these technologies that they substitute for.


Port of heaven: hinted Samsung technology SoD-see yesterday – and the phone will even hear you, but moving images across the screen. A technique similar to what is revealed by Shawty years ago in the Mi Mix 1 but quickly repealed it in the phones subsequent to his failure. Maybe reveal of the Samsung about the effective use of a new technique offering the same thing correctly. (Samsung often talk about hearing the calls, not the headphone device itself but it will be a first step).


Port memory: is the same port of the slide, but to lose independently because there is a significant acceleration in the increase of the storage capacity of the described speed to 1500 MB while the best cards in the markets at the speed of 160 MB and if you want to buy the newest you’ll find it quickly 275 mega at a price of$ 100 a capacity of 64 GB only any buy quest phone bulk save you and faster.


Buttons for lowering and raising the volume: don’t forget these buttons and Apple is already working on them and there is news that they want to cancel these buttons and add a default button like a footprint in the iPhone 7/8 and depend on the reaction to the vibration to guide you. It was very complex, but the technology was evolving rapidly we may see companies provide a slice to the side or another way to lower and raise the sound.

These steps will take several years of course and work on them gradually and we saw for ourselves what Apple’s done in a separate installation of the speaker and spreading the idea of a virtual slide as well as a step Samsung, Huawei and towards the sky and the core of the device.

Do you expect to come on and see the phone, but slots in the future? Any ports you see the hardest in the cancellation of the future?

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