Why do I lose Sony its popularity?

It is known that Sony provide smartphones with attractive designs beautiful, but they suffer from consecutive losses in the phones for several years, let us learn the most important reasons for this.

Talk to Apple, Android

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Sony presented several mobile phones and smart popular the beginning of 2011 after its acquisition of Ericsson, where he was intended to be the third largest phone company in the world in 2014, before falling sales, where he was the biggest reason for this is to focus on providing phones and a leader just like what you are doing Apple to provide phones high quality only, which was not consistent with the nature of the variation clear among Android users, which support the diversity of phones available to them at lower prices with the same nurses with the refusal of Sony to change their price that was always higher than the competitors.

The design of monotone

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Despite the fact that Sony has already made some of the best and most beautiful design of Android phones at all, they rarely develop these designs, which in time created a lot of other companies.

Slow response

In the time that produced Sony, some of the best sensor cameras in the world, what includes sensors phones like the iPhone Xs, Max, has been phones is dependent on the presence of sensors with a large number of amicable in its phones, resulting in the production of images with digital noise and clearly more than the cameras with lenses a number less than amicable, with the absence of a feature optical stabilization failure to provide any of its phones dual cameras for a long time.

This in the end we can say that the Sony was generally slow in its response to the shocks of the new in the world of phones, What includes OLEDs and design with the big tub surrounding the company.

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