Why do I need an iPad in 2020

Last week I wrote about the fact that while not under any circumstances ready to switch from MacBook to iPad, even with the new Magic keyboard, and better buy myself a MacBook Air. Some reason decided that I have a negative attitude towards Apple in General (or just don’t know how to use them). And yet in the Network then you can find article that the iPad useless, I will Express my alternative point of view: for me a tablet is still an essential tool for work, education and entertainment.

iPad in 2020 remains an independent device

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Why you need a iPad

In 2010, Apple came to the aid of the owners of multikilogram Dell and IBM and released the iPad, which is just a couple of years killed the market for netbooks and, according to some, is a replacement for modern laptops. Maybe for someone this is true, but not for me.

I found the iPad application to travel (well, before all this ugliness with the coronavirus). If you are going on a little trip, I came to the conclusion that is important, not only a minimal set of necessary, but also to weigh as little as possible. iPad comes to the rescue, as it weighs in 2 times and even 3 times smaller than any laptop. And in the bag is also significantly less.

Work on iPad

Sometimes I also work on the iPad and write small texts — to do this, I don’t need a separate keyboard, particularly for 30 thousand rubles. The iPad keyboard is almost completely identical to its “macrocnema” counterpart, with the difference in the fn-combination and digital buttons. Typing on the onscreen keyboard, and the wireless did not want to take. Without the physical sensation of pressing the keys, of course, unusual when many hours do you spend laptop but adapt quite real. Mainly I write the lyrics so early in the morning or just before bedtime.

Working time — also a plus tablet. Charge my MacBook Pro now the average is enough for 4-5 hours of active use. The iPad this figure reaches 10 hours, but sometimes more. A living example — when viewing videos in 1080p laptop sat for 3 hours, the tablet is also replayed this movie 2 times and there are still 20% charge.

cool iPad to use for small work tasks

With iPad is also very cool to perform routine tasks. For example, to pick up mail and be aware of everything, even outside of the workplace. And any — just manually enter the ports and server addresses for incoming and outgoing mail and use.

My colleague Ivan Kuznetsov a different opinion at the expense of the iPad - which side are you on?

Games iPad

Of course, iPad is also a center of entertainment. No wonder tablets are constantly giving to children. Plus iPad the ability to run demanding game and even my iPad 7th generation 2019 copes with any game from the App Store. On the laptop I can play only in the arcade or canopy, which do not require special resources, but if you start something serious, the fans start to make noise like a 747 Boeing taking off. Games with more or less detailed graphics, not play.

iPad in this category quietly “digest” of modern game engines, and that’s saying a lot. Oceanhorn 2, CSR Racing 2, Life Is Strange, all this “flies”. Try to run the game with the same detail on a laptop — a slideshow is provided.

So we had fun in the office — hooked up a gamepad, iPad to the monitor, and you can play for hours

Cons iPad

The cons of the iPad can be attributed to the lack of file system access in iOS, but now there are app Files, and shared access to iCloud Drive in iOS 13.4 appeared, and upload images and other media content from your tablet simply by plugging in a flash drive or any other drive. However, the most important feature for buyers of iPad not watching videos, working with documents, games and easy Internet access. And newfangled chips as a little unnecessary.

Is it worth buying an iPad?

I’m often asked in our Telegram chat, is it advisable to buy an iPad. Suddenly he disappoints after some period of use? Buying the iPad, the user receives a full tablet made from quality parts, with a large, comfortable display, good content base. And this multifunction device.

With the advent of Apple Pencil of iPad has expanded greatly

Currently, there are many users who want in-PC era, but not willing to pay a high price for the entrance ticket, which is the iPad. The presence of more fuel-efficient models in 2019 iPad and iPad Air will give them that opportunity by turning mobile computing into the category of mainstream. Previously hindering barriers will be removed which will attract even more people to the “Apple” club. So Yes, iPad is worth the money.

Find iPad to suit your needs is now everyone can. Apple releases five iPad modifications, namely Mini, just iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 12.9 and is constantly conducting new presentation. Of course, there is a possibility that the company really promotes the idea of tablet computers replacing desktop versions and laptops, but I’m more inclined to believe that the iPad will remain an independent device for a long time, which even can not completely replace the PC, but helps with many tasks, which on a laptop can’t do. Or do not want.

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