Why do I think Samsung the best Android smartphones

We write a lot about Samsung and its products. Very much, and some of our readers even blame them for it in the comments. They can understand, because in addition to smartphones Galaxy there are many other great devices that are in some ways much better. Take the smartphone from OnePlus or Xiaomi. Many of us remember the recent case from South Korean company Samsung was not too good. However, there is every reason to believe Samsung is king of Android smartphones, and here’s why.

I think Samsung is the best

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How to change the Samsung smartphone

In the beginning, the Galaxy was flawed. The flagship company practically has not changed in appearance, and this affected sales. TouchWiz at the time, ranked as the heavy and slow user interface for Android, and the company’s profit fell sharply. I had a Galaxy S4 and its user interface was a disaster, so at the time, switched to iPhone.

Galaxy S4 has served me for many years, but was irritated by OS design

It all sounds not so sad, because the company has managed to cope with all these shortcomings. Was updated TouchWiz, and it has changed a lot including for owners of last year’s flagships.

Now about TouchWiz, no one really remembers. Perhaps because Samsung has worked hard not only on the filling that allows smartphones to please its users, but it also changed the appearance of the operating system in Android 10, finally making it bright and welcoming. It may not appreciate those who believe in energy conservation thanks to the dark colors on AMOLED screens, but all the rest is only happy for a change. Not all manufacturers managed to make its interface for Android better and Samsung have coped with this task.

The design of the smartphone Samsung

With regard to the appearance of the device, Galaxy S20 can be easily distinguished from other smartphones by the company. Moreover, the device looks so good that I would have given this smartphone a belt for the best design. It may seem that Samsung got inspired again by the decisions of Apple. So what? Even so, Samsung took the best of the best X iPhone and iPad, adding this screen with minimal framework. It turned out what makes iPhone 11 and flagship smartphones of other companies look cheap on the background of the Galaxy S20.

Samsung is clearly inspired by the design of the iPhones. So what?

Samsung uses the latest processors for their flagships, made for 7-nm — 865 Snapdragon for the us version and Exynos for international 990. The latter proved powerful and energy efficient. Many colleagues consider him to be the best mobile processor today, at least until Qualcomm will not show something new.

If to speak very simply, the CPU is billions of tiny transistors and electrical valves, which are switched on and off operations. 7 nm is the size of these transistors in nanometers. The smaller it is, the more transistors and more powerful processor.

Why choose Samsung

There are plenty of things worth mentioning. For example, Samsung was one of the first massive use of 5G on their smartphones. Samsung has done excellent work on updates for their devices, which will allow even the owners of the Galaxy S8 is always on time to get the latest version of the software. I don’t know how much of the company will be able to earn on the Galaxy S20, but it seems that users are sufficiently thank the company for its money.

Let’s see what will happen next, but for now call 2020 bad for Samsung just does not turn language. The company managed to have time to show their new product even before the pandemic coronavirus became fierce.

John Smith also advises buying Samsung smartphones. But he has his reasons.

Competitors Samsung

The closest competitor is Huawei, things are worse, not only because of the situation in the world, but also because of problems with Google services. So Samsung still managed to show Z Flip — folding smartphone with a horizontal folding mechanism, by analogy with the Motorola Razr. Samsung has used the new product a special hinge that allows you to use the phone in an intermediate state for selfie pictures and easy navigation. You can, for example, on one half of the screen to run one app, and another — another. That is so cool! Or you can use the second half as the trackpad. I would take, but expensive now. OnePlus also wonder what she’s doing now — I suppose deliberately “merge” in the network renders of the OnePlus 8, to whet interest in his new product.

Cool the return of the “clamshells”

And what smartphone manufacturer are you would now be called “king”? Tell us in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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