Why do some states reserved the game Baapji PUBG famous?!

Game door outside PUBG is an acronym for Battleground players anonymous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it is one of the most popular video games currently on different platforms, why some states are seeking to block it and the players enjoy playing their favorite?!لماذا تقوم بعض الدول بحجب لعبة بابجي PUBG الشهيرة؟!

لماذا تقوم بعض الدول بحجب لعبة بابجي PUBG الشهيرة؟!

China .. PUBG out norms and moral rules

Many reports talk about the blocking of all or part of the game Baapji PUBG within China in addition to placing strict limits on the work year’s players allowed to play the game, as well as to prevent the developer From put new versions there.

Chinese authorities didn’t waste it on a game Baapji PUBG alone but included also other games as well as Fortnite . The reason provided by the Chinese authorities that those games are dangerous to children and young people being of violent content doesn’t fit with the mores of the Chinese and the ethical rules.

لماذا تقوم بعض الدول بحجب لعبة بابجي PUBG الشهيرة؟!

لماذا تقوم بعض الدول بحجب لعبة بابجي PUBG الشهيرة؟!

India, PUBG run students about the study

Some Indian cities has issued a decision long ago to ban the game Baapji PUBG, such as exam period, arguing that the game is run students from the study as they make them more addictive it and violent content more than it should be.

Some cities dropped the ban after the end of the season of school exams, while the other cities in its activation and access to the pretty extreme in its application, since its capture on some of the players in the city of Ahmedabad, India!

لماذا تقوم بعض الدول بحجب لعبة بابجي PUBG الشهيرة؟!

لماذا تقوم بعض الدول بحجب لعبة بابجي PUBG الشهيرة؟!

Nepal .. PUBG affect mental health

Nepal is the latest organization for the Prohibition of door outer Pubg as the Ministry of Communications issued a decision blocking the game and committed corporate provider of internet and mobile networks shut down all access to it.

The motives of the government of Nepal behind the blocking game is similar to the motives of India and China to add to its claim that the game affect the mental health of players and push them towards addiction.

Door outer PUBG in brief

Released game Baapji PUBG first 2017 on the computers, Windows and XBox One then the platform PlayStation 4 later, the event interval which ascended the popularity of the game limits the sky is launched in 2018 on smartphones iOS and Android.

The game is considered the door of the outer PUBG one of the most popular games currently on the global level, where the number of players a mobile version of the door outer PUBG about 200 million players per month and 30 million active players daily, and by adding the number of players a copy of the computer as well as Xbox and PlayStation the total number of players exceed 500 million players!

If you are one of the inhabitants of the Arab world and the amateur game Baapji PUBG, so don’t worry, we have no historical precedents in the blocking of video games.

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