Why does everyone care news and products Apple TV? The first part: Google

Everyone following the news of Apple lovers and Apple following the news to learn about new products; fans of Android also following the news of the Apple, to which they say that they have this feature before the construction of the Great Wall of China and yarmouk ? “teaser”. But the previous categories of engine base is the emotion we love or hate it based on this talk. But what about companies and organizations? They don’t stir their emotions, but the source of water only. Why follow Apple products that accurately?

لماذا يهتم الجميع بأخبار ومنتجات أبل؟ الجزء الأول: جوجل

Before we talk about other companies let us learn more accurately on Apple’s revenue and its sales. Write my the most important part is the phones. In the year 2017, “the actual” Apple sold 215 million iPhone achieved revenues of $ 149 million… any accurately the average yield of the phone is 688$ while Samsung sold the first company 317 million Telephone achieved revenues of $ 98 million average for the device 309$ and is expected to increase Apple’s average return for the phone in 2018 to become the 800 $ to the customer in the Apple helps to calculate figures 2.5 client in the company competition core “account numbers and material, but we humans are equal and not to be misunderstood this scale”…

Now let’s look at the others why they focus on Apple and start with the search giant Google…

Google and search for customer of a wealthy inventor

Most of us see that Google is aiming directly suitable for Apple iPhone; for I began to feel that this is not true and Google leave this task to companies such as Huawei, Samsung and Shaw and others and in the end is the benefit of their competition to Apple. She wishes the course to succeed the company in attracting client iPhone so sought to increase privacy and remove hundreds of thousands of apps disappeared and the content of the suspect from the store increased stages of security and other things that help manufacturers to be their phones attractive for Apple. Why? In short, in order to provide billion paid by Apple.

Client Android wherever you move the phone, it’s times of Google; one look at the site Myactivity Google shows you how to use your phone yesterday and when I open any application and every step… personally I opened it now I found it says that today, 9:32 see you using the application “remote” on my phone and the same thing yesterday evening. This fact already did this, turns out the TV before you go to work and you can imagine the rest. Location button MyActivity and see for yourself the gap will not hide from you what watching.

The problem now in client Apple it speaks without to know Google and this bothered her deeply, especially that the client is Apple’s “chandelier” during the 2017 spent more than $ 31 million in e-services whether buying apps or services Apple Pay or subscriptions have Apple. Yes, this is the amount spent has Apple so what do you know about the rest of the sites. Cleverly, the rest of the sites we find an additional problem that millions of Apple customers prefer the Safari browser if they are not under the Google system and see where they go. The only solution is the search engine; and everyone’s favorite search engine Google is the station to which we belong as a mediator durable, for example looking for a site and then when you want to go to another site usually are looking for also thus. So Google says to pay $ 1 million dollars a year to Apple to be default search engine in the application Safari is Google. A lot of the writing at the top of the web and if Apple has changed it few will care to enter the Google first then the search. But last year the Sirte news that Apple informed Google that its contract of $ 1 million dollars a year is not suitable for him because he was in 2014. Is gave Google customers Apple? Of course not, Google has made raising the contract value to become $ 3 billion a year just in order to remain informed about what are looking for Apple customers.

To talk to the rest of the

The above is just the beginning, there are companies manufacturing phones and accessories and even factories, banks, and governments. In order not to accuse that we exaggerate or “apply” at the end of the article there is a source for all information mentioned in the article and you can review and verify what we have stated. And remember that there is a difference between the stated information and between cities. When someone tells you that there is a plane between China and India can’t be answer why praise India? Aim of this article and the next to tell you about the secrets you may not know about something because we ride with the emotions that move the world, but what about Companies? We think that a lot of follow-up, we don’t know about the 3 billion dollars paid by Google to Apple.

What do you think of the secret of attention the Google a Apple? It is waiting that we talk about in the second part? Share your opinion


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