Why don’t the registry note with Galaxy Fuld is?

Despite the bad reputation earned by the Galaxy Fuld in the current time after the appearance of his mistakes and the big problems with reviewers, however, we should not forget that it is still one of the most sophisticated devices in the current time, it is possible to not be ready for release at 100% yet, but we expect that this is the future of phones is definitely in the next period.

The Galaxy Fuld middle of the first generation, where the evolutionary step between the phone and tablet devices, as you’ll find faster processors and ideal involving half to save space, a lot of other advantages, however, there are some things missing, like a place to add a microSD card and a headset for 3.5 mm.

But we believe that the main feature missing is the lack of the S Pen on your series note, which will make it more attractive, in addition to that the use of the pen on this big screen will save a lot of time and will make the user experience better certainly.

There are several reasons behind the lack of the S Pen, firstly, you didn’t Samsung developing digital converter retractable to allow for work on the phone, even if you own this technique, after seeing how vulnerable the screen is folding, the last what you need is another layer to achieve this, but we believe that the next generation of phone will have it all confirmed.

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