Why employees of large companies prefer Mac

Apple computers remain the most preferred in the business segment. This conclusion was made by experts of research company Jamf, based on the results of the survey, which was conducted among the employees of the largest companies in the world. It is noteworthy that Mas is leading by a large margin – only a small proportion of employees made their choice in favor of the PC.

Business segment and Mac

Why is such a high popularity of the Mac in a corporate environment? According to the survey, the experts Jamf allocated main reasons:

  • High reliability computers;
  • Excellent performance — of any work tasks;
  • Stability and ease of use;
  • Commitment to the brand;
  • Privacy and data security.
  • Handy tools for system administration (even in networks of Windows)

Analysts believe that the combination of these factors enabled Apple to gain a strong and unshakable position in the business segment.

The transition c RS on a Mac

Experts have also questioned employees who recently switched from Windows computers to Mac. Employees were asked to tell about their experiences.

  • 97% of respondents said about improving its productivity;
  • 94% of staff said that the transition to the Mac has enabled them to improve their creativity and ability to think outside the box;
  • 91% of respondents said that collaboration on projects easier;
  • 79% of workers admitted that they now spend more time working because the Mac is devoid of problems inherent in the computers on Windows.

The survey was conducted comprehensively and not limited to rank and file employees. Among respondents — employees of HR Department and sales, IT professionals, Directors, executives.

Expert opinion

Opting Mac did at the time, and the owner AppleInsider.ru Mikhail Korolev. In his opinion, the Windows-computers are not a good candidate for important data.

Of course, I am not an employee of a large company, but happened to me very instructive story.

The fact that my primary work computer — MacBook Pro 13 (2018). But to address important financial issues, I decided to buy another laptop on Windows. The choice fell on Dell Latitude E5270 (specifically chose the SSD).

After the purchase, he was almost constantly lying in a Cabinet, respectively, the laptop had no Internet access. Moreover, I didn’t even set up the app. Such a device for safe transfers.

And here we come to the main point — last week I had to make a transfer. For this I pulled out my Dell, pushed the power button and saw a black screen with an error. Last time I used it a week ago — then everything worked. The reasons for suddenly “die” he was not my use case is extremely simple, and the system itself and in applications I have not changed anything.

I decided to reinstall the OS — for this I used a USB flash drive with Windows 10. The desired effect is not given: the laptop just didn’t see the drive.

The solution to my problem was found on YouTube: it turns out that it is a defect of this particular series of laptops. To work, need to reset the BIOS settings. And only after this procedure I will again be able to install Windows 10 on your Dell.

Reinstall Windows, and restore everything from scratch (and what to do, there is no iCloud). Do the translation, but late by two hours.

The conclusion is clear: don’t use Windows for important issues — we all know how unpredictable can behave this operating system to hang at the wrong moment, or worse — to give a blue screen. I understand that Windows can always be reinstalled and it will not take much time. But for me time is more important than money — there are urgent things, other situations. And if the computer lets you down — it could lead to big financial losses.

And if you return to employees of large companies, there is no doubt that their time and information cost money. Maybe even a dozen Mac.

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