Why Ethereum will be a challenging year. The response of the founder Tomochain

The founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin well-known as the blockchain will reject any projects and accuses the solution with the rapid transaction of centralization and insecurity. Founder TomoChain long Vuong decided to respond to criticism. As written by Bitcoinist, network TomoChain is intended to be public and is compatible with EVM bloccano with a higher transaction speed and low fees. Now, web developers boast speeds of 1000 transactions per second against a two-digit number Ethereum.

In most systems there are tradeoffs. But certainly not acne to judge what the project is garbage and what is decent. This year will definitely be difficult for Ethereum. Project and most acne Buterin will have hard times.

According to Vuong, the Ethereum team doesn’t respect the camp Bitcoinof the maximalists, but it does not can effectively solve the performance problem. Earlier this year Buterin spoke at the conference Blockchain Connect. As he said during his speech, most of the projects which claim to have high speed transactions is more centralized compared to Ethereum.

In most cases, if the blockchain-draft cries about 3,500 transactions per second, and about the alleged other algorithms, in fact it means “we centralized a lot of garbage”.

Vuong did not hesitate to answer and said that TomoChain easily chip away the contracts of Ethereum. Recall, Manny TomoChain launched in December 2018, and the project is gaining momentum. Vuong is confident that its Singapore-a Vietnamese company will be able to implement a viable solution for the scalability of Ethereum.

More importantly, TomoChain compatible with EVM — virtual machine Ethereum. Thus the contracts of Ethereum can freely move in TomoChain. At least it can give developers of decentralized applications on the Ethereum another chance to bring their projects to fruition.

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The project TomoChain definitely deserves attention regardless of centralizovannaja is a pile of garbage or not. The network has 150 nodes, use the PoW consensus mechanism, low fees and almost immediate confirmation of transactions.

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