Why experts downgraded cryptocurrency EOS

Analytical Agency Crypto Weiss Ratings downgraded EOS in its ranking of cryptocurrencies. The main reason — too high a level of centralization of the project. According to the results of the latest research trends in the industry of the blockchain, the overall assessment of EOS fell from B to C-. We will remind, this year the experts at Weiss Ratings raised the rating of Bitcoin to B+.

Disadvantages of the cryptocurrency EOS

Information about the downgrade of EOS appeared in the official Twitter account of Weiss Ratings.

We respect the effort and develop draft EOS. However, the evaluation of the cryptocurrency not based on the subjective point of view, it is based on real facts. These facts have led to the downgrade of EOS from B to C-.

In the thread describing the problems EOS analysts identified weaknesses of the project. Describes them the following quote.

Top 100 holders of EOS, that is, less than 0.01% of all users of the cryptocurrency, control 68 percent of the votes on the blockchain. This is too much for the statements that the EOS significantly better than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The fact that most of the coins are concentrated in the hands of the whales, give them the right to dictate terms to the entire ecosystem.

Partial redundancy CPU, sharing of resources and complete processing of the network was not able to solve the deteriorating problem downloaded network. Many holders EOS still have problems with the transaction.

In the confirmation blocks EOS takes the participation of all 21 of the validator. On the one hand, the lack of a large number of nodes in the network of the project enables to achieve a relatively high throughput. On the other hand, in the EOS there is no decentralization. In addition, the mechanism control EOS allows you to block certain accounts with the funds. This is especially useful in dealing with hackers, but it can also be said about censorship in the network of cryptocurrency.

EOS too often appeared in negative news over the past few months. Recall that in early November, the network of bitcoin has been under full load because the distribution of tokens EIDOS project, which started to abuse users. In September in one of the decentralized applications on the basis of EOS found a vulnerability that allowed hackers to steal more than 30 thousand EOS.

Hacker. Source: 2Биткоина

There are other points of view. For example, the Center for information and development industry by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China continues to appreciate EOS more other blockchain projects. Today the Creator of Tron Justin San has shared a new Chinese rating where EOS took first place. And most of the points and the victory in the overall race cryptocurrency has provided its "base technology". Behind her are the Ethereum and Tron. Bitcoin takes the ninth place.

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