Why foldable smartphones it’s not so bad

Not long ago I wrote an article about why I don’t want to buy foldable smartphone. In it I expressed all my doubts about this. Immediately after the article, my colleagues began to discuss its contents. In General everyone agreed with everything said, but some time we still argued. Especially with Ivan Kuznetsov and Alexander Bogdanov. They just didn’t know it was not my intent to criticize the device as a class. About the pros of technology I wanted to speak out separately to not mix everything in one pile. Moreover, something is both a plus and a minus. Now, when the debate died down, I’m ready to calmly tell you why your next smartphone should be collapsible.

Despite the cons of foldable smartphones, there are pluses.

Previous article you can find on our website and familiarize yourself with the it cons. Briefly say that the main of them are connected with the peculiarities of the technology and a small spread.

The contents

Advantages of foldable smartphones

However, once again I want to give credit to the producers who found the courage to try something new. The fact that these smartphones have appeared, at least arouses interest. They want to touch and this is a breakthrough on the background of what happened in the last 10 years.

The size of the screen foldable smartphone

The main advantage of a folding smartphone, is the screen size. Some smartphones now are very small but arranged in a conventional format (Galaxy Z Flip, Motorola RAZR). Others, on the contrary, in the folded state as a regular smartphone, but it is worth to decompose and they become almost tablet. These include the Huawei Mate and Samsung Galaxy Xs Fold.

This is only the beginning. This year we will see a lot of foldable smartphones. Galaxy 2 will Fold!

More interest to me is the second category, as it gives a big screen. It will not be convenient to watch movies because of the square shape of the screen itself, but all the rest of it is perfect. You can even open two apps and full to work with them. On the classical screen of the smartphone is still fun.

In the Galaxy Z Flip screen is not as big, but due to the shape of the case somewhere to put for shooting photos or video. So-so plus, but even Samsung itself talking about it.

You can put a smartphone on here. And a tripod is not needed.

Dimensions of foldable smartphones

The second advantage is gradually emerging from the first. When we buy a smartphone, we want a big screen but don’t want to delay the pocket ”shovel”. Only foldable smartphone will combine compact size with big screen. Let the device is slightly thicker cased counterpart, but it will be the best compromise between ease of carry and use.

For this indicator, with foldable smartphones hardly anything can compare. Given that they also will become thinner, their prospects are brighter. Sooner or later they can replace the familiar to us today of the device.

Is it convenient to photograph on foldable smartphone

Remember how long the presentation of the ASUS Zenfone 6 was told that the split camera is very good. So you can take a selfie on the main module, not stripped-down front. So the quality will be much better. A similar picture we see in the case of foldable smartphones.

Making selfie, the user sees himself on the small screen.

For example, folding Flip Galaxy Z or Huawei Mate Xs, it is possible to remove the main camera to get beautiful pictures. You can even use all cameras, not just one module. To control the process on the external screen facing you.

The main thing is not to lajanuri! How to buy Galaxy Fold for $ 400 and get the money? Revealed the main mystery Escobar Fold

How much is a foldable smartphone

In the last article I talked about the fact that foldable smartphones are very expensive, though the characteristics they give to a classic flagship. For example, Galaxy Z Flip iron is almost Galaxy S10e. But in the future, these universal gadgets will be able to force you to cancel the purchase of a ligament smartphone-tablet. Thus you will save on the second device. So the difference in price will be significantly less.

Foldable smartphone is expensive. But given the complexity of the technology, to try to justify.

How to make your phone visible

Not cool, foldable smartphone is still a novelty. If you walk down the street and ”break” smartphone in half, that would certainly attract attention. If you want to buy something that will stand out in the crowd, better foldable smartphone you definitely won’t find anything.

You can do so, but you can “just buy” foldable smartphone. Attention is assured in both cases.

Am I ready to buy a folding smartphone now

While I’m not ready to buy foldable smartphone. They are interesting to me, as the device, but to get such a device completely I’m not ready yet. In his time at MWC 2019 I was among the journalists who were allowed to touch the first Huawei Mate X. To be honest, I was scared to do it. Just bending the smartphone is a very strange feeling.

Write in the comments or in our Telegram chatwhat you think about the reliability of the folding mechanism.

Something it is like when you break the glowing neon tubes. Light crunch and firmness that accompanies it, the test is not for the faint of heart. Of course, over time, get used to it, but, I think, will long not to believe in the strength of this design.

You have to understand that folding screens were developed many years, but came to broad market less than a year ago. But we already have 4 models available for sale. This suggests that the technology will evolve further, and eventually the ”clamshell” has all chances to become the main smartphone. In the end, the first iPhone, is also believed not all. Will see how it goes, but I would not buy it, despite domestic interest.

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