Why for gaming I would rather choose iPhone than Android

Do you remember the days when Android users boasted higher computing power of their smartphones compared to the iPhone? Then specifications brand Apple and was really quite unremarkable: 256 or at best 512 MB of RAM and single core processors, dual-core changed only in 2011, not pulling on to be productive. So all that was left iPhone owners, is to think about an optimization that – here’s the paradox – helping out their still remaining a major advantage over Android devices.

On the iPhone games have always worked better than on Android

Android features, I love it more than iOS

Despite the fact that in recent years the range of branded smartphones Apple has expanded greatly and now includes quite a lot of models are not the most powerful processors, even they pull almost any game from the App Store at maximum settings. The only exception that comes to mind is the 60 FPS mode in Fortnite, is available on iPhone and iPad processors A12 and newer. On Android support for it even among the top devices 2020 to meet difficult, not to mention older. But what role in this matter is notorious optimization?

Why games on iOS are better than Android

Optimization still decides that the manufacturers of Android smartphones are there currently any imagining

Game development for iOS is in the Xcode environment, which was created by Apple itself. I won’t go into details about the principles of its operation, especially as the only feature of this environment that you need to know is the original compatible with all Apple devices and their own hardware. That is, in fact, in Xcode, the default hardwired data about all the combinations of iron, fitted to iPhone, iPad, or iPod different generations. This allows developers not to bother with optimization for each processor and the graphics accelerator alone, and focus on fixing it for the external design.

I'm tired of iOS getting less gamesthan Android

On Android everything is completely wrong. Despite the fact that Google also has its own development environment, where all the combinations of iron are not spelled out, because Google it is banal often does not know. Because Android is an open operating system that can be used by all manufacturers, without exception, from Xiaomi and Samsung to Umidigi, Ulefone and other unknown brands. Google for this and not watching, though, and certifies devices, it does so only for those who pay for the right to install the Google Mobile Services. As a result, the market of the device with absolutely incredible blend of characteristics, to adapt the game which will not any sane developer.

Optimizing games on Android

Google on its 13th year of existence, Android has finally hit upon that it is time to think about optimization

Google itself knows that the lack of regulation in this area has a negative impact on the quality of games for Android. That is why producers have started to equip brand the device as a more powerful iron so all games are guaranteed to work without interruption, even if the default of such performance is not required. However, this approach obviously is a half-measure, so Google decided to abandon it, starting if you do not control the optimization process on their own, like Apple, then at least to ease this task for developers.

Can I run games on Mac Pro

For this, Google has created a special tool called GPU Inpector, which allows you to optimize games for smartphones. This tool keeps track of how the game works on a particular device and indicates the identified deficiencies. For example, testing Google Pixel 4 it turned out that a certain game was chosen as experimental, can consume 40% less resources, but to work better. Subsequent tests showed though not such a difference between the desired power consumption, but confirmed the efficiency of the GPU Inspector.

Yes, the path chosen by Google, is complicated, because now she will have to enlist the help of manufacturers which will provide the data about the combinations of iron their smartphones. Of course, it’s not all, because some — for example, Huawei — Google can’t operate because of U.S. sanctions. So to get to the list of devices that are compatible with GPU Inspector will be able to very very few. However, if persistent enough, sooner or later Google will be able to approach the level of optimization of Android games, which showcases games for the iPhone. And while Google is trying, I think I’ll sit out on iOS. And you?

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