Why Google Assistant accidentally turns on and records your conversations

Despite the fact that Google is constantly accused of secret collection of data about users, it, unlike Apple, is not trying to hide the information that she was able to gather. That is why in your profile settings you’ll be able to find not only the history of their movements recorded by Google Maps, but also the history of your online and offline purchases, notification of which was received on your mail, and even the history of all requests sent to Google Assistant. The last stored by Google on servers in the form of audio recordings, but because everyone can listen to. Look, among them obviously there’s something that you never knew existed.

Google Assistant is activated accidentally, because Google wants to make it easier

Some users who found out that Google gives everyone the opportunity to listen to their appeals to Google’s Assistant, complained that among the recorded phrases are those which were not intended for the voice assistant. Among them were those that were interrupted in mid-sentence, and those that were recorded completely, although the phrase itself was meant for someone who at the moment was near. But how could this happen? I think we have the answer to this question.

Why Google Assistant is included for no reason

I recently found out that Google Assistant not only responds to the command “OK, Google”, but also in other applications where there is a word “okay” and another word that corresponds with “Google”. For example, “Okay, Cooper,” “Okay, guru,” “Okay, Booker,” “Okay, Doodle” and many others. This happens due to the fact that Google Assistant is given very little time to answer, because often the assistant responds to your appeal is literally a fraction of a second. This is due to the fact that he has time to listen to only part of the sentence, to respond quickly and not to keep you waiting.

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Such haste, in turn, leads to the fact that Google Assistant can be activated even if the treatment with the word “okay” or even close in sound not addressed to him. In the end, even the Russian-speaking users, giving an affirmative answer, use the word “okay” which is usually followed by the activation assistant and a case record stored in the cloud. And since many of us began to use smart speakers with built-in Google Assistant, such cases began to occur more often.

How to delete history Google Assistant

  • If you don’t know what it is, go to the management page of a Google profile Assistant;
  • Listen to their expressions, which you addressed to the assistant;
  • If you want to delete, click on “Data and personalization”, which is located in the left side menu;

Google Assistant remembers everything that you approached him

  • Go to the “History voice control – “Managing history”;
  • In the left side menu select “to Select the option to delete”;
  • In the opened window select the period for which you want to delete your recording and confirm your intention by pressing the “Delete”icon.

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Many people wonder whether it is possible to deal with the fact that Google Assistant writes them down? Of course, you can. The most effective way will be a complete rejection of the voice assistants. Even if you replace the Google Assistant on Alice or Alexa, most likely, voice assistant will not be less likely to record you and send it to the server developer. Another thing is that to listen to all your requests that have been recorded by accident, you can not, because it appears that nobody except Google did not provide such opportunities. And if so, then, as for me, better to know when you recorded accidentally, than ever to provide the voice assistant, confidential information, remaining in the dark.

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