Why Google collects data about your health

You would think that major technology companies have long known that many consumers don’t like it when their data is collected without any consent. Or maybe big corporations just don’t care about their reputation? Anyway, already nobody is surprised with the fact that in a recent investigation by The Wall Street Journal indicates that the search giant Google has been convicted of that massively collects data on the health status of users.

Whether to trust the data about ourselves to large corporations?

As Google collects data on the health status

It is reported that Google parses and stores millions of records related to various health indicators. And she does this in secret project called Project Nightingale. To do this, Google has signed an agreement with a number of hospitals in the United States, which provided them with similar information.

This information includes recording medical histories. Although neither the doctors nor the patients were not aware of this. Moreover, it is also reported that Google can still collect data from Google Fit and other similar programs that track user activity and data about their physical activity. But if you consider that API from Google built a big part of third-party fitness apps, it is likely that the developers of these programs too (even unconsciously) transmit information to Google. But we do not share information. In our chat in Telegram you can chat absolutely safe.

Why Google collects data about health status?

Google reportedly collects laboratory results, diagnoses, admission and so on, making a detailed questionnaire, including full names of patients and dates of birth. Journalists claim that in the framework of Project Nightingale all data is uploaded to cloud servers Google. In turn, health care providers use special tools to search for information about patients in order to more effectively sell them their services. Also, do not ignore targeted ads. Which in this case can be called personalized.

What Google wants is legal?

The answer to this question is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. On the one hand, of course, this behavior of the company looks like something that violates the law. On the other hand — if you are using the same services like Google Fit, you yourself agree to submit their data to the company for analysis, put a check mark in the license agreement.

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In addition, one of the partners Google, medical company Ascension after the publication in The Wall Street Journal, hastily issued a press release in which it stated that the cooperation with the search giant “is backed by the joint efforts of security and data protection with strict requirements for data processing”. However, numerous questions about why personal data of patients of medical institutions were collected without their consent, neither Google nor Ascension while the review was not given.

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