Why Google should kill Android Go

I think you have already noticed that the performance has long ceased to be a determining factor when choosing a smartphone. Now that even entry-level processors have a higher processing power than the flagship 3-4 years ago, it ceased to have any value. The only thing that though as-that interested users, — of course, in addition to the camera, is the amount of RAM, which should be as large. Therefore, rather strange that Google continues to develop the project Go Android, and manufacturers support it with the release of new compatible devices.

Android Go itself completely outdated, and it’s time to give up

How to erase data from a lost or stolen phone on Android

For those in the dark, explain. Android Go – this is the Lite version of the original Android-oriented work on entry-level devices. No, you do not understand. Really entry level. A key requirement is the amount of RAM up to 1.5 GB. But, as a rule, the Android smartphones have a Go 1 GB and sometimes less. For Android Go, there are special lightweight versions of the apps with the most stripped-down functionality. This allows them to work fairly quickly, in spite of a weak iron.

Should I buy a smartphone on Android Go

Google released for Android Go series abridged applications, but they are already out of date

In General, all is well. Google encourages Android worked fine not only on the flagship, as it was before, but on the weakest and most cheap smartphones. That’s just, in my opinion, in 2к20 this theory does not something that is not relevant, and fundamentally incorrect and erroneous. See for yourself.

As on any Android make control from MIUI 12

Today, even the most powerful processors – Snapdragon 600-series, MediaTek, Kirin 700-series is quite efficient solutions that plug for the belt flagships if not three -, four-, then five-year-old certainly. Well, about the RAM I do not say. Yes, today almost all of the smartphones with less than 4 GB of RAM. Yes, there are individual instances where the amount of RAM is 3 GB. But to call them except renegades did not turn the language, because to find practical application for them is quite difficult.

What’s wrong with Android Go

What to talk about machines with 1 GB of RAM. What would they even fit? Moreover, they comprise the most plain iron, standard functionality, and can not stand any competition with smartphones based on Android normal. Yes, even Redmi Note 8 is clearly preferable to any Nokia 1 Plus or Redmi Go. Yes, it will cost 3-4 thousand rubles, but the money’s definitely better to pay, because in return you will receive a range of benefits available for devices on Android Go.

Android smartphones Go too primitive, so they had a place in 2020

Actually, I have the strong impression that the Google team gave the producers deliberately made the Android Go so boring, dysfunctional and some are clueless. That’s what you lose by buying a smartphone instead of the normal:

  • Normal OS with a wide range of functions;
  • Productive iron, which is suitable for games;
  • Support full-fledged apps;
  • Support fast charging;
  • Large screen;
  • Quality camera;
  • Capacious battery and a longer battery life.

Came appthat brings to Android the diagnostic feature of the Apple Watch

And I just ran through the tops. After all, if you start digging deeper will reveal a mass that would jeopardize the continued existence of Android Go. Many of the manufacturers themselves understood it. This is clearly seen by the fact that most of them no longer produces smartphones running a stripped-down version of the OS. Now it is mostly Chinese nouneym vendors like Ulefone, Alcatel or Umidigi. Quite strange in this list is Nokia, but the Finns have always had their way, incomprehensible to others. We Go no Android or smartphones based on it is simply not needed.

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