Why Google — well done

As you know, not so long ago Android P DP3 has been ported to many Android devices, among which was that of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5. A Reddit user IG_Monkeyowning this device, shared their impressions, which proved to be simply magical.

Initially, he was skeptical about these ports, but installing the firmware and using it about 36 hours, it is extremely changed his mind.

“Android P game-changer.”

He said that the speed of touching the screen and the framerate of the display is extremely high — the smartphone feels very smoothly when compared with any other firmware for Note 5. The speed of booting the system now takes less than 20 seconds, and web-browsing and apps now, absolutely no small-scale subsidence FPS.

But it is not interesting, the Android port P DP3 for Note 5 added support for AR Core which was not intended for this device. The owners of this device can now feel the owners of the flagship smartphone from Google.

“I can use the augmented reality app (one of my friends thought I bought a Pixel 2, looking at my photos)”.

The Android port P to A1 Mi

But that’s not all. Android P ported also on A1 Mi, which you can buy for ridiculous money. Of course, in this situation I would like to thank Google for Project Treble and P. Google Android, you’re done.

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According to the materials of Reddit

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