Why has Google Kafr order for five phones Pixel 3 is?

Although the phones Pixel 3 in the back with a single They thanks to sophisticated software to make amazing photo compete the results of the flagship phones that take advantage of camera double and triple. One of possible aspects in software Google is the production of the effect of Booker (isolated background) without a second camera for gathering data, the depth of the scene.

In a publication recently on her blog, talked to skill about development recognize the depth of the scene images to bring about the effect of Booker without the need for a camera again, while can bring about the effect of Booker in phones Pixel 2 using the Auto Focus Feature Detection stage (PDAF) that captures two different images of the scene to carry them to a third image with background blur can be controlled in degree, although they give a good result but they are wrong sometimes. Here Comes the role of disbelief that five phones pixels.

To improve the quality of the images in the Pixel 3, Google added new hints help system of the camera in The recognize the depth of the scene, such as: comparison of image free from the influence of insulation and photos of the same scene close up with a impact. And also: calculate the number of pixels in the presence of people so that they can be appreciated after the person from the camera and then figure out the depth of all the elements of the scene. But Google needs an algorithm to integrate the work of these hints together to estimate the depth of scene and the effect of Booker more, and he needs to train the neural network (system automatic) on the enormous amount of images that work the Auto Focus Feature Detection stage.

So did Google make Kafr order for five phones Pixel 3 at a time, and cross-connect devices to a WiFi network managed to capture a photo of all five phones. at the same time (there may be a difference of an estimated 2 milliseconds between images); in fact the scene from five different directions to save a huge amount of information to help a system camera smartphone on the definition of the depth of the scene with great accuracy too.

This was the secret of Kafr Pixel 3 which is for five phones. Recall that Google launched a campaign videos Unswitchables recently which focused on the promotion of the phone by going light on the advantages of the camera more than any other feature.

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