Why Huawei to make smartphones no matter what?

We must live in the bunker like the heroes of the film ”blast from the past” to not know about the scandal, which then flares up, then subsides. I’m talking about the scandal connected with the prohibition of Huawei to use everything made in the USA, or is related to companies registered in this country. First Donald trump denies everything, then slightly loosens his grip, but after a week or two again squeezes tight. Many said from the beginning that the company came to an end. I didn’t believe it and is willing to explain why Huawei should live.

Huawei not mind continue to go with Google one way, but “it’s not you, it’s me” (based kolaja a frame from the film “blast from the past”)

I will not hide some bias to the smartphones of Huawei. Despite the fact that in our Telegram chat you can meet the views of those who fundamentally does not recognize its smartphones, but there are those, whom they generally like. I belong to the second. There are also those who are fans of Huawei, but it’s like with Apple, Xiaomi and Sony. Everyone has their fan-boys.

Discounts on Huawei

Lately, you notice a large amount of special deals on smartphones and Huawei Honor. I’m talking about discounts and promotions in the spirit of ”buy one, get one free”. Of course, the gift of a smartphone will be easier than the main, but essentially it does not change — the company continues to promote its products.

Many people think that it speaks about the agony of a company that is trying to finally sell more devices, but there is another version. What if it is on the contrary a cunning move? Users know that the device will continue to work even after a complete ban on Android. There are also discounts and therefore, you can buy new and easy to use for several years. The company benefits from this situation, as it will take a strong position in the smartphone market. These positions then they will be very useful.

People willing to buy Huawei

This would be especially helpful if Android still banned and Huawei will roll out a full HarmonyOS for smartphones. They will have a huge army of users, some of which will be updated and will help to improve the software. Cleverly? I think Yes. It turns out, Huawei is also not the finger is placed? If the reasoning is correct, then definitely not a finger.

The people of Nepal made by Nepalese and by the Nepalese - an old joke

Let’s see how events will develop, but so far the prospects of Huawei, Honor and HarmonyOS don’t look so foggy. Even if now the company will lose sales, which is unlikely, in the future she should only win.

Won’t lose it at a discount due to the fact that a large part of the cost of the smartphone is designed to meet production and delivery, and billions of dollars in development. The cost component rarely exceeds 30 percent of the cost. Selling smartphones at a discount, the company covers production and logistics. Even if such sales there is no profit, it’s called work for the future.

Why Huawei must win the war with Google and others?

The main reason why Huawei should win on this battlefield is that it need market almost more than a market, it. The company produces a huge number of components for telecommunications networks and other equipment for different spheres of communication. Even if they lose the smartphone division (unlikely), they will be able to deal with equipment and produce accessories for smartphones. Let this stuff, but 5G portable routers, headphones, watches, PowerBank, and many more also make money.

Huawei Watch GT is a good option for the money, but not a full watch

Moreover, they were lucky to be a Chinese company that has a lot of support at home. There they can do whatever they want and use Android the way you want. Yes, unofficial Android does not use the services, but they are in China and not necessary, because still banned.

What Huawei will do without Android? Yes, the same as before

Go back to the fact that Huawei needs of the global market. Remember crazy, but pushing Apple and Google to reflection, Windows Phone? Remember the days when HTC made a really good smartphone? This was when the market was competition. Huawei ranks among the global top three manufacturers of smartphones. If the company withdrew from this market, we will lose what is the core of evolution and development — competition. If there was no competition in nature, the species would not receive new possibilities and is not developed. If it were not for competition, would have lost only we, the end users. Until they are cut together, we get great products. Competition should be a point!

How to install HarmonyOS?

Full to talk about HarmonyOS will be possible only after will be released the first smartphone with her Board. According to some rumors, which are then refuted, then again confirmed, they will Huawei Mate 30. Let’s see if this is true, but as soon the advent of this operating system is easy to cast doubt. It is impossible to doubt that it will appear later, but it certainly will appear on smartphones. At the moment, and will be useful to military members, about which I spoke above and which also will not remain in the loser. This state of Affairs beneficial to all.

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