Why I don’t need a phone with great battery

Who remembers push-button phones from the early or mid 2000’s, knows that if the phone could charge and forget about it. He could work a few days without recharging, and even when the battery indicator showed approximately 20-25% (there was no exact numbers, just the icon), few people panicked and immediately searched PowerBank (they also did not exist). Then with the release of the first modern smartphone and as they evolve we are faced with an acute problem of shortage of energy. We started grabbing our means of communication up for the day. All at once began to speak about the great size of the battery, but I think we don’t need them.

Big battery too, then sit down and must be recharged. What to do in this case? Save fast charging?

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Why quickly gets the phone

We must understand that the phones that was 15 years ago, was a bit more powerful than the calculator, they almost had no features, and we took them in hands only to to call. That is why the battery was going down much slowernow than when we produced the phone from his hands. And among other things, he still has to support the work of the colorful bright screen and constantly in the background to make an update or sync.

A quarter of smartphone owners miss removable batteries. Why?

Because of this, the phone gets faster than before. Do not save even the large volume battery, which is also consumed quickly. We just don’t notice how you always turn on the phone. It’s message — at least a minute to read and reply. Remembered something five minutes on the browser. Was ”free time” — ten minutes on Instagram and Facebook. So it accumulates. He usually does not notice, but statistics say otherwise. If you think about it and start to pay attention to at once believe that will unlock the phone 150-200 times a day. Even just picked up, turned and flipped through the screens turned off. This unconsciously.

We constantly use the phones and not even notice it.

You need phone big battery

Many say that the phone should have big battery. Someone says something about 5 000 mAh, and someone about 6 000 mAh, but if you want both they can be planted in a few hours. More important than that, how cost-effectively the system refers to the battery life. What is important for me something else.

I belong to the rare group of people that thinks that a day and a half for a smartphone is quite normal. Of course, if someone offers revolutionary rechargeable battery that can be recharged once a month and use the phone just as it is now, I’m all for it. I mean that I am against increasing battery 1000 mAh at the expense of design and ease. The smartphone will last a day and a half, or half or two does not matter.

What is the difference between the batteries of phones and what to choose

I’m much nicer it would be to have a device that need to be charged every day, but for 10-15 minutes. This is really cool. If you go Hiking or sit for two days to train, you still need an external source of energy, but if you just spend the day on the road or at work, the modern smartphone is enough 99% of users. And it doesn’t matter at the end of the day 20% or 25% — you still have to put the gadget on charge.

Fast charging phone

Now imagine how you Wake up in the morning and while brushing your teeth, the smartphone is charging 50%. While dressing, the charge rises to 90-100% and at Breakfast you can already scroll through the news feed. And then this smartphone will be enough for the whole day.

Qualcomm can and does. Well done!

It’s not even fancy or wishlist, it’s a real technology that already exists and was even presented OPPO. However the Chinese have promised to charge the battery of 4,000 mAh in 20 minutes, and then Qualcomm said charge 4 500 mAh in 15 minutes. Here is the result. While in real smartphones this technology no, but she is literally here. Even the already released CPU support it. Later and catch up with other manufacturers. Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus and others are already working on their versions of such charging. That’s what is really necessary for the modern smartphone.

100 percent in 15 minutes. Qualcomm announced Quick Charge 5

Let the scientists continue to work on graphene batteries, and miniature reactors, but for now just give us a really quick charging and it will be good. In my opinion, it pulls on the revolution in smartphonetoday.

The phone’s operating time

Someone will say that it is better when the phone is running long than when it is fast charging. Agree that to each his own, but, in practice, what battery don’t be, it will still charge at the last moment. Now imagine that you have charged the phone at night and in the morning received a 100 percent and use it a half or even two and a half days. Then, after a hard day, you forget to put it on charge and you have 2-3%, and you go home. In 10 minutes the battery on 6 000 Mach you charge a few percent or an hour of work, and the battery on 4000 — by 80-90 percent and almost a day of work. For me the choice is obvious.

If you choose one of the two, it is better to charge the phone quickly but not for long. Can’t wait and quick, and for a long time.

There is a saying that ”it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick”. Of course, it will be nice when the phone will be charged for two weeks of work for half an hour, but so far this is impossible, and that it is necessary to quickly charge the phone, often think of it at the last moment. Elementary, came home, fell asleep and forgot to connect the gadget to the outlet, and in the morning sit at ”the broken trough” and trying to charge extra somehow.

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You can talk ”I never give up, always I have everything under control”, but we all make mistakes.

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