Why I need a large screen iPhone 12

Over the past few years, the iPhone became much more. It would seem, more recently we used a 3.5-inch iPhone 4 (and the 4-inch iPhone 5 actually remained the best smart phone for a long time) and the poor do not know now even 4.7 inches is considered large enough screen. The iPhone XS Max and Max Pro iPhone 11 it is generally the space is 6.5 inch. And the rumors that have spread recently, reported that this year Apple may once again increase the screen iPhone 12 Pro Max up to 6.7 inches. Is there any limit to the growth of displays in smartphones, or we will soon be to go with an 8-inch “shovels”?

The other day I came across a very interesting infographic, which was published on Reddit. She suggests that many smartphones in 2019 was the 6 inch screen or more. Fell sharply the number of models with display 4-5 inch 5-6 inch, all of a sudden decided to release a large phone. You can have a look on the Y — axis shows the total number of smartphones in the global market, the X — axis year.

At the end of last year more smartphones were in Vogue

The screen size of the iPhone 12

You may notice that if in 2013 dominated device with a screen 3-4 inches, then (just after the release of the iPhone 6) all began to “rivet” smartphones with 4-5 inch displays and more. And now, just a few years we were at the point when and a 6-inch phone is not a limit. Are we really on the threshold, when in smartphones it is time to install 7 or 8 inch screens?

Don’t you think that this is too much?

I have long enjoyed the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and for some months used to the 6.5-inch screen of this phone, although at first, I confess, it was difficult. Such dimensions have two important advantages. First, the incredibly high (for the family of Apple smartphones) offline work time. If iPhone 11 Pro is able to work for a day without recharging mode is not too active use, with iPhone 11 Pro Max average buyer will be able to connect your smartphone to a wall outlet for about two days.

The second reason is the screen. Yes, you heard right — one that is big and seemingly not too convenient iPhone screen 11 Pro Max. Due to its size you see on the screen a lot more content, enjoying the view of the apps in “iPad-style”. Im not too convenient to use with one hand, however, in modern conditions, when the gadgets are rapidly increasing in size, it is not critical. Or still critical?

Not for nothing that Apple has released this year's iPhone SE the second generation. 4.7 inch easy to use with one hand, so it's good that Apple gives the option to choose.

Like a compact phone? Here’s to you iPhone SE 2020. But the problem is that the more be the screens of smartphones, the larger become the interfaces. For me on the background of modern gadgets, the text and any other information for your iPhone with a 4.7-inch display seems too small.

Why iPhone the big screen

I remember at the time, “spit” from a 5.5-inch screen iPhone 6 Plus, and for this reason, at the time, bought the iPhone 6, however now 6.5 inches in iPhone 11 Pro Max seem to me very comfortable. It fits a lot of content, I stopped taking your iPad with you on trips, as this display is quite a comfortable to see a couple of movies or TV series. But recently picked up an iPad mini with its 7.9 inches screen — well, it’s just some kind of monster. Yes, if Apple decides to make such a display in the iPhone it will be with a smaller part, the useful area will be higher, but it is still a “shovel” which is not what is in the pocket of my jeans won’t fit — this phone is simply impossible to hold comfortably to your ear. This is just my opinion, its can Express in the comments and in our Telegram chat. And can take an anonymous survey at the end of this article — let’s see how many of us supporters of big smartphones.

At the time, the iPhone 6 Plus seemed incredibly large

Looking back at the iPhone 6 Plus, I realize I said the same thing now, only the screens were even smaller. But, as we have seen, many go with a 6-inch smartphone and don’t complain, the disaster did not happen, the head is also in place. Really then displays the growth really continue? And if so, when manufacturers will stop? Of course, no one will do the 11-inch phones, it’s nonsense. Although…

Maybe Apple should stop with the increase in screen size?

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