Why imposed a Google ban on cell phones Huawei for?

In the wake of the U.S. campaign for Chinese technology companies, Google has cut license phones Huawei with Android, where Reuters published the news first, and confirmed the location of The Verge after it a comment Google to work with Huawei from an informed source on the topic from within the Chinese company.

Thus the company has become Huawei’s restricted now using the project Android Open Source Project or better known as AOSP, which leads to the separation of the company from Google apps and services important that consumers expect outside of China on Android devices.

This also means that the phones Huawei won’t be able to push security updates for Android after only being made available in AOSP, assuming that the company uses a system update, and it is not yet clear how this will affect full range be problems Android that depend on it for Huawei, but for the next few hours will clear it up.

The reasons for the Prohibition of the Google Phones Huawei

جوجل تفرض حظرًا على هواتف Huawei والسبب هو التجسسGoogle imposes a ban on cell phones Huawei price is trade

Firm Huawei is under increasing pressure from President Trump and the U.S. government because of fears that the Chinese government may use its equipment to spy on American network, these concerns have been under study by American officials since a long time, so that in 2018, warned the US intelligence agencies from using the devices Huawei and ZTE, and described the American political Huawei as “an arm of the Chinese government effectively”.

Confirm the company Huawei that can not for the Chinese government to poison their equipment interfaces background that harm their reputation in the first place in the international markets, they remained optimistic about what was raised in the United States as mere statements will not commit to one, but this latest setback to Google pose a significant threat to the future of the work of the Huawei basic mobile phones.

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