Why in iPhone there is a short circuit and how to fix it

If your iPhone is freezing or not working properly – most likely, there was a software glitch. This problem can be solved flashing the phone if the computer “sees” it in the recovery mode or DFU, in this case, you can update your phone or reset to factory settings. But how to do when iPhone does not turn on and not detected by the computer?

Short circuit is one of the reasons why iPhone is not included

In fact, the reasons for such behavior can be quite a lot. For example, a broken connection between the CPU and the motherboard — we not so long ago told mehow to fix it. Or maybe failed power controller. Also there is often a short circuit (short circuit) in the various power circuits of the motherboard, this is a fairly common problem devices.

The reasons of short circuit

Why is there a short circuit? Most often the causes are short-circuit mechanical effects, moisture, power surges, and the use of non-original Chinese charges.

In any case, in order to identify the exact reason why iPhone is not included, a more detailed diagnosis. Started repair engineers service center Apple Pro, when it got iPhone X, not showing absolutely no signs of life.

This iPhone X is not only not charging, but is not included and is not detected in recovery mode or DFU

One of the features of the iPhone X and newer Apple smartphones, the motherboard of this unit is a single construction consisting of two individual parts welded together in the form of a sandwich. On the top are the basic elements - processor, memory, power controller, and so forth, and on the bottom is the network part where the modem and all the components that are in charge of making sure the iPhone was connected to the network.

Getting access to the motherboard were connected to a laboratory power pack. After diagnosis it was revealed a short circuit in the primary circuit.

When connecting the primary power — KZ

Splitting the motherboard into two parts

Specialist pointed out that KZ is on the main part of the motherboard that hosts the processor.

To check FOR and use a special microscope

Using the freeze engineer searches for unusual heat to determine the defective element

In our case, went out on one of the capacitors in this circuit — it pierced, and it was closed. To fix the problem, the technician disassembles the damaged item and sets a new one.

Reconnect to LBP showed that KZ is missing — the fee does not consume

Installation of BGA balls on the bottom half of the Board, to perform the spike from the top

As “sandwich” Board soldered fusible low-temperature solder, it is soldered on the heated without using a hot air gun. Thus it is possible to avoid local overheating due to the uniform heating of the Board.

After sealing fee again tested for LBP without periphery — starts from the start, and then goes to download mode to check power consumption.

The fee starts and loaded with normal power consumption, it is possible to perform the installation in the housing

After installing the Board into the case turn on the phone again from the power supply.

iPhone turn on and boot

The technician then assembles the device — now they can be used again. But the charge, of course, better than the original power supply, otherwise the situation could repeat itself.

The engineer carries out the Assembly in reverse order and install dust and moisture protection

All systems go!

Because this type of repair is considered to be not simple, in this case it is better to contact a qualified engineers. Service center Apple Pro offers a high-quality approach to repair of Apple technology (and does not impose unnecessary services), provides a guarantee on the work performed and the possibility of payment in installments — plus gives you a nice 10% discount for all readers AppleInsider.ru.

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