Why included with the iPhone no fast charging

For many years included with the iPhone is a low-power power adapter 5 watts. Despite support for fast charging iPhone 8, iPhone 8 and iPhone Plus X, the company also Mans their smartphones modest power supply. And it seems this trend will continue in 2019. This is the resource Macotakara.

According to the source, set the new iPhone will remain the same:

  • EarPods with Lightning connector;
  • Lightning to USB cable;
  • USB power adapter power of 5 watts.

Many users may decide that Apple once again decided to save money — leaving the complete power supply is 5 watts. These statements are not devoid of logic, and they definitely have some truth. But there is another reason:

Continuous use of fast charging may accelerate the battery wear. Talking about it and research, published on Reddit.

It was found that after each full charging, the atoms of manganese and Nickel are separated from the crystalline structure inside the battery, leading to some holes in the electrodes with a diameter of 0.1 mm.

This means only one thing — damaged areas remain unsuitable for subsequent charge cycles. As a result, the battery is exhausted much faster than it could be at a lower voltage. Of course, it’s hard to justify that Apple and call it a concern for the user, but all of a sudden?

However, the experts note that if fast charging is not used on a regular basis, battery life issues should not be. But, of course, need to use the original power supply and cable.

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