Why is Apple so cheap and vine? The first part

I always say that the Apple company is stingy and the other companies like Samsung or Huawei are companies cream. So I thought about this and is this true? Then I found that this is true, but with substantial differences; for example, Apple’s stingy, but not stingy which we think; and the other cream already, but it’s not dignified for the ball understanding of the material reasons behind this, so we decided to single out two articles that debate on this matter; and, of course, what we say is just point us in the iPhone Islam maybe you have another opinion we are happy to share in the comments. And to start with; why anti-Apple vine?

لماذا أبل بخيله ومنافسوها كرماء؟ الجزء الأول

Examples of the ball

If you look for Android phones for example the screens to find a phone like the Sony XZ Premium has a screen 3840*2160 screen 4K quality for batteries find capacity largest capacity in the iPhone was 2900 while almost Android be with conventional more than 3 thousand mA, but up to 4 thousand in phones like the Huawei Mate but we believe devices medium such as Mi Max increase card its about 5 thousand mAh. What about the memory? The larger RAM I put in the iPhone was 3 GB while the phones central Android come memory 3 GB these and like the S8 put the 4 GHz and has been for… there are phones 6 Gb like Huawei is dead 10 Pro, but there are OnePlus 5/5T owners memory of 8 GB. All these devices share the same or less than the price of the iPhone, isn’t that generous of the companies!

Even if we move away from the gear, and we looked at the bid itself. Samsung often like to published a show like bought my S8/Note8 and the system VR own it and describe it in some States to provide a wireless charger or DEX for free. Huawei when posed with the dead 10 in the Arab States awarded book it, car charger and C and stick to Silva and you FREE The with Apple include my iPhone only and there is with him until the protective glass of the company. Isn’t that generous of the companies!

Competition and not the ball

In the beginning we should find the intuitive point and essential for businesses is that they are an institution created for profit. When you decide a company like Samsung like to add a specific feature for S9 which will be released next month, although it was ostensibly going to promote mockery of Apple for not putting it, but fact statistics shows that a majority of Will my S9 was a comparison in his mind between it and the iPhone 8 or X. Yes, this category exists, but the majority do S9 the best or the Google pixel 2 or Huawei mate 10 Pro or Sony XZ1 or LG V30 or oneplus 5T and so on. The ratio of development between operating systems has become a few for acquired on the Android and hauled too on the private sector and constant with him. Unfortunately I can’t find the figures but I can guess that 90% of users of iPhone, Android and current phone will be their next of the same operating system.

Any that OnePlus is like learning that if she sold 100 phone 5T probably 90 of them or more than users of Android already and did not come from Apple and here would be the challenge and the mystery of the ball. The aim was to Apple, there’s no need for all these things but focus on points like security like design and smooth operating system and the quality of apps which focus on Apple. I didn’t hear that Apple one day she said she wants to be the largest manufacturer of smartphones, but President of Huawei said they will be Samsung from the top spot phones by 2020. This makes the seriousness of the Huawei the Samsung is greater than the gravity of the Apple, so the company is seeking Korean to make her phone the best user Android from Huawei, albeit focused in most of its propaganda on the iPhone because it’s the standard smart phones like sending a message within it for Android users to our competition with all the companies Android is a foregone conclusion and the conflict is with Apple only.

The bottom line

It may seem that the basic conflict between the Apple and Android companies, Android is trying to put the advantages of exceptional and repeated additional offerings, not to compete with Apple, but because of the conflict Android procedure has become very, very violent. and every company is trying to attract the largest amount of customers. This command is useful to us as a user of Apple because of the conflict between the companies Android that refuses to indirectly aspirations will not of Apple.

Do you agree with us that the conflict between the companies Android between her and some of the largest of the conflict with Apple and that is the secret of the Add hardware offerings?

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