Why is EOS so popular in China? Explains CEO imToken

Chinese startup imToken not very well known yet in the West, but the project managed to raise $ 10 million during the recent stage of crowdfunding. The company provides one of the largest cryptocurrency wallets with four million active users.

ImToken recently added support for EOS in your wallet. CCN was able to learn the opinion of the CEO of the company Ben Heh about the possibility of further spread of the cryptocurrency in China.

EOS popular in China

What motivated you to integrate EOS? Is it not first necessary to enable a more stable cryptocurrency?

Our service already supports ERC-20 tokens. The decision to integrate the mechanism for DPOS, EOS is the result of the wishes of our clients. We wanted to support those users who were looking forward to starting the core network cryptocurrency. As imToken is one of the largest Ethereum wallets, the interest of holders of EOS is completely natural. Besides the second largest market for imToken stands South Korea, where there is 24 per cent of all trading volumes in the EOS world.

As to the coin are typical Chinese cryptomnesia and investors?

Interest in the EOS is heated gain possession of the token. Some holders think the project is a great breakthrough in the industry. According to them, thanks to DPOS can make a quick, secure, and scalable cryptocurrency.

You think EOS competitor to Ethereum? You treat all the negative news around the coins? Can the EOS community to reach agreement on regulation of the blockchain?

EOS new technology. Its shortcomings is can be attributed to the fact that these are the first steps in this field. In China, many investors expect from the cryptocurrency great results and believe in its potential.

What other coins or features you plan to integrate in imToken in the future?

While we will be supporting a token EOS. In our wallet will only appear innovative and required our users of the cryptocurrency. We will also engage in developing mechanisms to maintain consensus in the blockchain.

There is still something you would like to share with our readers?

We published our open source voting system. I think it will help other developers to create decentralized applications for ballots of holders of EOS.


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