Why is the new trend with no holes will become the norm

February 23, Meizu introduced a smartphone with no openings, buttons, cutouts and connectors. At the time of writing Vivo its decision have not yet demonstrated, but the overall message is clear. When a few years ago, manufacturers began to abandon the 3.5 mm connector, all began to be indignant, which was logical, because people are simply accustomed to. But the habit does not mean convenience. Wire is an evil that should stay in that decade. I hope that by 2030 no wires in the house will become the norm.

Wire all the way. This is the main idea of such phones. Wireless charging and Bluetooth gadgets, gesture control and voice. That’s the way I see our near future, which is already implemented.

Many use the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse when interacting with the PC, but I think the waiver wires and plugs on Android something bad and strange. Not at all. This is the future.

Why manufacturers didn’t?

I believe the main reason wireless charging, which to date has not offered a sufficient charging rate. Meizu Zero wireless charging on the 18W, which is pretty good. We can also add technology eSIM, it was used only recently, besides in Russia it is prohibited altogether. But, obviously, this ban will be lifted as against technology go stupid.

Convenience? Is that all?

No holes and connectors means also the protection from dust and moisture standard IP68. Isn’t it great?

What else?

Design! Smartphones without holes and buttons look cosmically. Companies will find it easier to develop 3D-shell, it still reduces the cost of production that can offset the cost of the wireless charging receiver.

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