Why is the transition of Microsoft Edge for Chromium — is that bad?

Internet Explorer at the time, had considerable popularity. 23 years have passed since the release of the first version of the browser. Microsoft Edge with the release of Windows 10 was the replacement for the once popular among Windows users browser. Edge is working on its own engine, EdgeHTML. This fact greatly distinguished and still distinguishes it from the competition. Where Chrome is very slow, Edge was able to work very smoothly. The difference can be felt on slower computers with 2 GB RAM and Intel Celeron.

A few days ago, the world learned the news about the desire of Microsoft to switch to Chromium (the browser is open source, developed by the Chromium Authors and Google). The news is generally good, and it really is a real chance for the browser to become popular. However, for users of slower computers, the news is not very pleasant. Most are not pleased with the lack of alternatives, because even the Yandex Browser based on Chromium.

But what thinks about the head of Mozilla, Chris Biard? He believes that the transition Edge on Chromium hurts the competition:

Adapting Chromium, Microsoft gives Google even more control over online life…making Google a stronger risk on many fronts.

Once Microsoft was the most popular on the market today history repeats itself, but now with Google.

Chris worried about the popularity of Chromium because of the fact that the developers of WEB applications to a lesser extent will take care of adapting the resources for different browsers, is suffering from a Mozilla browser, now that he is probably the only alternative to Chromium solutions, and to take the adaptation of applications for 11% of the users do not want every developer.

I support Chris risks, such a move is dangerous and bad for competition. People simply do not have choice, because everything is based on Chromium, works almost identically.


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