Why may be the Galaxy X rollaway frustrating for everyone?

We may be witnessing a turning science fiction into reality by launching the Samsung phone known in the media as the Galaxy X in early 2019, which is rumored that will come foldable screen, which I expect to make a fuss when you launch it, but I doubt that offers a better experience than the Galaxy S10. For the following reasons:

1) extension of the idea of the phone shock

Phone shock is the classic which was closed, decrease the top, including the screen on his bottom half including the buttons. One of the possibilities imagined Galaxy X component of the large screen closes the interior.

But the source Korea claimed that the Galaxy X component of the three screens, in non-folding like a book key, which turns the screen to a single screen size of 7 inch, and in the folded position looks like book closed the cover is a second screen size of 3.5 inch.

There was much talk of the design may mean that experience more than one form as models of principle not to be released to the market. We may see the phone screen non-folding “literally” even though the review of the Samsung flexible screen olid thy since 2011.

2) impractical

Must-have Galaxy X is practically in the folded position and the folding even combines the functionality of a phone and intelligent tablet as I want from such a device, although we don’t know the way to achieve it, it is not imagined to achieve the value of the ticket if the phone design that involves the screen itself. The second design, The three screens may not meet a lot also in the folded position, specifically, in particular, information about the design, saying that the screen is in the folded position will be the size of 3.5 inch.

In both cases, may be the Galaxy X-heavy relative to the ingredients that will contain, besides the thickness of the phone is large in the folded position, which certainly affects the grip of the user and makes the control more difficult than is the case in our phones slim.

3) crisp

Not only because the second screen would be behind the Galaxy X in the position of not folding is what makes it prone to breaking at any moment. In every design, may use Galaxy X part mechanic to achieve the folding, the mechanical parts tend to break or weaken the intensity of the use. Also, to achieve water resistance, dust and scratching it will be very difficult. Not to mention what may cause the folds of the screen times a lot of influence on the show.

4) expensive and not available

Can you imagine the effort in the development of the screen of the mechanism of folding is reliable? Technical hurdles to produce a card suitable? Segments of the system that will be upgraded to implement the function of the device changing? This is all with the prospect of a telephone being limited quantity the difficulty of the production of new technologies on a global level will raise of its price will be supplied only on specific markets.

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