Why may launch the Apple iPhone three cameras background?!

Currently available some versions of the iPhone in the back with a double (bilateral) such as the iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone 8 plus and for iPhone X, and the importance of dual camera and it can work property to Portrait Mode to confuse the elements with the background noise in addition to optical zoom Optical Zoom, it seems that Apple intend to take a new step in this context will soon by adding a third camera, so why may launch the Apple IPhone Camera three?!

لماذا قد تطلق آبل آيفون بثلاثة كاميرات خلفية ؟!

Why may launch the Apple iPhone three cameras background?! (Eidetic design)

Phone Huawei P20 Pro and camera Tri!

If Apple is racing to add a rear camera binary to the smart phone industry with the iPhone 7 Plus, is calculated to Huawei, it has recently first company using the rear camera of the three and that phone Huawei P20 Pro.

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

Primary camera in Huawei P20 Pro accurately 40 MP girl Lens F/1.8, rear camera second monochrome accurately 20 megapixels girl Lens F/1.6, and the second camera is 8-megapixel girl Lens F/2.4 and are competent to the work of the optical zoom up to three times without jamming!

Apple TV may follow a different perspective of the rear camera!

According to published reports in recent months and analysts ‘ expectations, Apple has used three cameras wallpaper in iPhone in future: two cameras capable of imaging three-dimensional in addition to a third camera is a competent zoom optical even three times instead of twice.

آبل قد تتبني منظوراً مختلفاً للكاميرا الخلفية! (تصميم تخيلي)

Apple TV may follow a different perspective of the rear camera! (Eidetic design)

In the case of the Apple TV Imaging System mentioned above, the rear cameras will take the pictures a three dimensional without resorting to the inclusion of the laser as is the case in the front camera in the iPhone X.

This camera triple also will be very perfect, but as a qualitative leap for apps and games to the Treaty on the technique of augmented reality AR and also to raise the quality of photography via the iPhone.

According to expectations, we may not witness the inclusion of the camera of the tripartite background in the iPhone this year but we’ll have to wait until next year it is likely that the version one of the iPhone at least will exhibit this feature.

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