Why may slow down Android phone?

In the first days after buying the smartphone, as a rule, pleased with their high performance and responsiveness. But “roll” it a little more applications, loading multiple tasks, and one day the phone start working very slow. The issue here is not the Android operating system in General, as is commonly believed in some circles; the reasons are quite specific.

The contents

Memory Android filled

The write speed of internal storage in your device crashes if the phone memory is full. This is a very negative impact on speed. In addition, there is fragmentation. Some sectors of the drive cease to provide the ability to read and write over time. If your smartphone the problem with the free space on the drive, we recommend using a memory card or cloud storage to move data.

A memory chip is faulty

In modern smartphones installed flash drives, which, having reached the maximum number of write cycles, will not work properly. Much depends on the intensity of use. Finally, memory can be damaged by falling smartphone. Alas, this problem is not amenable to an independent decision. If faced with such, share in our Telegram chat.

Battery exhausted

Over time, the battery of the smartphone is not only loses the original capacity, but the ability to provide stable voltage to work. This can cause heat build up that affects performance. In addition, the device with the old battery can be reloaded. The solution to this problem, one replacement battery.

Applications that run in the background

In General, Android is good enough to cope with the allocation of resources to tasks. However, these tasks may be too much. In their list there may be those that the user is not interested in. But the applications continue from time to time to connect to the network, update your details and check the status of the system. This happens in the background and users do not see these processes. Output – remove old and unwanted applications.

Or maybe just upgrade?

Also an option, because applications are constantly being updated, software is becoming more demanding and there comes a time when iron loses its ability to provide the same speed. While software support remains and, therefore, if you experience slow operating system, it is worth checking the section with updates to the smartphone.

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