Why monthly updates Android security is a farce

Hi. My name is Ivan, and I update-dissident. Then had to listen for an audible languid claps, but they are not. Probably because many don’t understand a word that I had called. If you are one of them, don’t try to look up the definition of that term on the Internet, because it is not there. I came up with to call themselves at the moment when I realized that upgrades are one of the biggest divorces in history in addition to the buffet and hastily abandoned former classmate, met on the street, with the phrase “I’ll call you”.

Updates do not exist. Here is the proof

I already expressed my opinion regarding new versions of Android. Then I clearly explained what special meaning is to chase the fresh updates of the operating system for several reasons. First, they can simply screw up something that worked properly, promising more problems than good. Secondly, perhaps all the innovations updates can be obtained from third-party software, which Google and other companies like Apple blatantly write off new features for their OS. Since then my position has not changed, but only worsened because there are still security updates.

Why do we need updates

Security updates is amazingly easy to Google stuff. Moreover, the company can every month to report the work done to maintain the relevance of the millions of Android smartphones, in fact, not implementing any new features, so still do updates, referred to, are rather questionable in nature and content. Anyway, I have them evoke the feeling of a forgery.

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Every month Google releases security updates and announces that fixed n-Noe number of vulnerabilities. This is usually not full, but quite a substantial number. Most often in the range of from 20 to 30. Cool, one might think. Google cares about their users and constantly carpet on Android, eliminating the backlog of bugs and gaps in the security system. But, wait a minute. Have you ever had the issue where every month in Android which gets a new version once a year, take such a number of security vulnerabilities?

Update dummy

It may sound far-fetched and even stupid, but I can’t shake the idea that most of the security updates released by Google, is a dummy. In the end, there is nothing complicated about to release an update that simply changes the build of the operating system, but it does not contain absolutely no modifications. Some manufacturers did so, until it all became public.

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Perhaps the vulnerabilities contained in the security updates? Say, one treat, another cripple. But what then do they make sense if every new update fixes bugs 20-30, and in their place brings another 20 or 30. Is not it easier in this case is to roll back the build of the operating system to source and not to update, not to make new holes that put users at risk? Other explanation as to where in Android there are new vulnerabilities, I do not find.

Android is unsafe

Perhaps there is another option. Let’s say that Android really has all these vulnerabilities, however, so many of them that every month the Google fix 20-30 holes and can’t stop because they have no end. But then I have bad news for you, friends. If Android is literally riddled with vulnerabilities and bugs, you do not sdobrovat. Indeed, in this case any hacker will be able to dig a little deeper to find a gap and using her to hack into our smartphones. But if so, then Google have already lost.

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