Why not provide a Apple TV Night Mode in camera phones the iPhone the eldest?

One of the most notable developments this year in camera phones, the new iPhone (theiPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max) is the addition of a night mode which allows the camera to capture quality images suitable in low lighting. But what about the older versions to? Wasn’t able to Apple TV add the same feature through software update like? This is what we will try to answer in this article.

هواتف آيفون XS و XS Max لا تحتوي على الوضع الليلي في الكاميراIPhone XS and XS Max is not contain a night mode in the camera

Camera iPhone 11 and night

According to Apple TV the added Night Mode for camera for iPhone 11 was made possible due to two main themes: the first is the camera sensor the new, bigger, who can capture greater light, and the second is processor A13 also new capacities on processing-supported artificial intelligence.

When you activate the night mode in low-light and pressing the button to capture the image, the camera captures multiple sequential images while the technique of optical stabilization OIS to prevent the vibration of the lenses.

كاميرا هواتف آيفون 11 وآيفون 11 بروCamera phones, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro

After that comes the role of the operating system and the process of processing where images are placed along some of the cut parts of the grill and keep the parts sharp detail, then merge the images together in one image and improving the contrast and adjust colors, reducing noise, and sharpening detail to make the image in the best possible shape. To see how much challenge it adds Night Mode to images during export you can refer to this article: (photos – night mode in camera iPhone 11 looks better than expected!)

Why miss the older versions for Night Mode in the camera?

Versions last year such as the iPhone XR and iPhone XS or the year before last like the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus does not contain the feature of Night Mode in the camera as to its performance in low light is not good and compares like series Google Pixel all of which contain a status property night through improvements in the image processing software which gives impressive results actually.

Also Samsung has provided the feature of Night Mode in cell phones Galaxy S 10 noted 10 via the update sub-system. Didn’t use Apple to do the same thing with phones such as the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone X via software update the camera? Especially since the camera those phones already with very good specifications.

There are several opinions trying to explain it:

  1. To update hardware for iPhone 11 of the hand sensor the biggest and most powerful processor was necessary first to improve the quality of night photography, and older versions do not contain the appropriate specifications.
  2. Apple may be able to improve Night Photography via update software, but the results will be less than expected and without the level.
  3. Apple chose to be the feature of night photography is exclusive only in camera iPhone 11 to urge consumers to purchase.

Whatever view is right, features night photography will not be available on older versions of the iPhone anyway as it alone is not sufficient to drive consumers to upgrade to iPhone 11.

Do you use the camera for iPhone in photography during the night? And what do you think about video and audio quality that you get? Tell us via comments

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