Why not update the Google Play Store?

This question is more rhetorical, and to discuss it is definitely worth it. In the Network and then there are various concepts of the updated Google Play, but app store still not updated, although the final version of the Android Pie is already out. In addition, the company six months ago began to update the app with Material Design 2.0.

It is unclear when Google will release an update, don’t have any information about this, everything is very blurry. But let’s look at the App Store and Google Play:

The naked eye can notice a significant lag Google in terms of design and layout. Currently, Google Play looks like a store from 2014, when introduced Android 5.0. In addition, in my case, the menu area with “For you”, “Leaders”, “Category” and so on has a very nicolecalifornia1 icons, confused and a contraction of the words:

App Store updated 2 years ago, meanwhile Google Play continues to age, and it is unclear what is waiting for Google. In addition, in my opinion, a simple redesign is not enough. For example, here is the updated Google Play, which for some reason is not available to everyone:

But you will agree, this still looks not like should look like a modern app store.

For example, in April of this year, the designer presented his version, which is very good:

It remains to be seen when Google will finally release its long-awaited major update, because while in the background the App Store Google Play looks ridiculous.

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