Why OnePlus is forced to find a replacement Dash Charge

Dash Charge — fast charging technology from OnePlus. It first appeared on the “three” Chinese manufacturers have promised to supply 60 per cent battery in half an hour. Now the company will surely have to change its name. All because of a problem with trademark.

Changes noticed by readers, reports Android Police. For starters, the company did not use the phrase “Dash Charge” at the presentation OnePlus 6. Also now all the brand mentions in the official online store of the company changed to “Quick charging”.

To do this the manufacturer has forced competition. OnePlus has applied for a trademark Dash Charge in 2016 during the release of the new flagship. In America, problems with registration have arisen, however, the European Union, the company refused. It happened recently in March of this year.

Trademark in Europe also expect Amazon and Bragi. The latter produces wireless audio devices. Giant trade want to use the word “Dash Replenishment” — API designed to automatically order goods from Amazon.

Looks like OnePlus will have to choose a new name for the technology. The official announcement will probably take place with the announcement of the next flagship. To discuss OnePlus 6 in the official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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