Why people are divided into righties and lefties?

According to statistics, every seventh person in the world is left-handed. This conclusion was made in 1977, when scientists estimate that about 15% of the total population of the world prefers to write and work with my left hand. The exact cause of the development of left-handedness is still not identified, but to date, there are quite a large number of different assumptions. For example, recently scientists from Oxford University (England), found that left-handedness may arise because of the presence of the genetic code, which causes the brain, some people develop differentlythan others.

According to statistics, left-handed are mostly men, not women

Scientists have identified a difference between the brains of left-handers and right-handers, having studied the information on the DNA 500 thousand people. These data were provided by the British Biobank, which in addition to the genetic information it collects and stores information about the way of life of people, the parameters of the body and blood test results. Among all these people, scientists have identified about 38 thousand left-handers, the brain which is quite different from those who have a child writes with his right hand.

What is different about the brain of righties and lefties?

The researchers found that the two different hemispheres of left-handers are linked much better than right-handers. It is noteworthy that the relationship is the most coordinated in the areas that are responsible for verbal abilities. On this basis, scientists have suggested that left-handers are more fluent oratory, however, direct evidence yet. At the same time, lefties are more prone to development of schizophrenia — a mental disorder in which there are serious problems with thinking.

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According to scientists, the person becomes a Lefty before birth. The fact that in the course of studying the genetic code of 500 thousand people, they found four regions of DNA that influence the formation of the human brain. It is because of these changes, according to the researchers, the people and produced a tendency to use the left hand instead of the right.

Lefties worse than righties?

Most interesting is that such genetic changes can occur even in the body of the snail. As a rule, their shell is twisted in a clockwise direction, however, there are specimens with the shells, twist in the other direction. Snails with the “wrong” shell envy because they can’t find a mate for mating. It only happens occasionally, if the male with the “reverse” shell will meet a female with the same feature.

The shell of the snails is twisted counter clockwise

The people who write with his left hand, too, is not easy. According to the author of the study, Professor Dominic Vernissa, in many cultures left-hander has long been considered unlucky and clumsy people. You can verify this by simply looking in the dictionary in the French language the word “gauche” may be simultaneously translated as “left” and “clumsy”. But the word “right” with English translated as “right”, that is, the one who is right and cannot be wrong.

Among scientists, many left-handers. Example: albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla

Recalling this, Professor Dominic Furniss announced that their study dispels the myth about the alleged “bad luck” Lefty. Moreover, the reason for the unusual features lies only in the structure of the brain, so left-handed people can be more skillful speakers than right-handed people.

What is the cause of left-handedness?

However, to put the point in the study of left-handedness people yet. According to scientists, this feature of the human organism due to genetic changes by only 25%, and other causes are in the effects of environment and conditions have no relation to genetics. Research by British scientists have uncovered only a small fraction of huge mystery, because it was used only data on left-handers living in the UK.

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