Why people who have suffered a partial loss of the brain does not lose the ability to complex mathematical calculations?

Despite the enormous progress in the study of the human body, the human brain still remains a mystery to science. Thus, a detailed study has helped scientists figure out what even half of this vital organ is able to perform valuable work for the entire brain. In order to test this statement, the scientists examined the brains of six adults who in childhood was removed half of the brain to treat severe forms of epilepsy.

Half a brain is able to compensate for the functioning of the brain

The removal of the brain in epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic disease that causes pripotocni condition due to a sudden hypersynchrony discharges of neurons in the brain. It is known that the disease is one of the most common diseases of the brain. In some cases, for the treatment of epilepsy the use of surgical intervention, during which is removed or isolated the area of the brainwhere the attack occurs. Despite the extreme conditions of operation, which involves large-scale destruction of a part of the brain, many of those who successfully underwent surgery to retain or restore the skills of speech and thought.

During the research, experts had selected six adults who as children suffered the removal of a part of the brain in order to treat a severe form of epilepsy. It turned out that the brain is able to reorganize their work and to bounce back even if you delete it most of the time. As reported by the scientific journal Cell Reports, six subjects were investigated with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The specialists took measurements of blood flow at rest in the most important areas of the brain responsible for vision, attention and movement. In the experiments the blood flow served as an indicator of brain activity, which operated when you move the blood flow from one part of the brain to another. According to the researchers, discovered in the course of the experiment signs of active activities of the nervous system, are indicative of strong ties, which are definitely crucial for the functioning of a healthy brain.

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Neural connections between the systems of the brain were stronger in people with the remote half of the brain

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As it turned out in the course of the study, six people with a remote hemisphere of the brain, all seven brain systems were working within normal limits. It is worth noting that neural connections between the brain systems was even stronger than in the control group, whose members had a full healthy brain. Scientists suggest that the appearance of a stronger neural connections could explain the brain compensation for the missing parts after removal.

Thus, the current study proves the ability of the human brain to reorganize and repair itself the nervous system, using compensatory abilities of the brain after the surgical removal of one of the hemispheres.

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