Why real MacBook Pro 16 will be released in the fall of 2020

It seems that predicting the output of a MacBook Pro with 16-inch screen in the second half of 2020 and predictor analyst Ming Chi-Kuo was not wrong. What happened in November was a necessary measure: the claims of victims and the decline in sales once the best in the world of laptops has forced Apple to take urgent measures. What cook of Apple is intriguing, frightening and raises many questions. If in 2012 or 2014, there were rumors about Apple developing in a very fancy keyboard, the audience and looking forward to her appearance, not even imagining what can be fraught with some innovations. Although it does not appear that the development of a keyboard of the type “butterfly” was engaged in any long time. Because, by Apple’s standards, the development is 90% testing in a variety of conditions, and 10% – to find solutions to resolves the issues identified during testing. Sometimes even this is not enough, but with the right approach catastrophic incompatibility “butterfly” with reality would necessarily be discovered, most likely at the beginning.

This can be a “real” MacBook Pro 16 (and, most likely, will be)

According to Ming Chi-Kuo, the main news of the new MacBook Pro will be their screen, LCD with a matrix of mini-LEDs (mini LED). Apple Pro XDR Display consists of 576 independent elements, two times smaller screens MacBook Pro 2020, according to prophecy, will consist of approximately 10 000. In the Apple for a long time and thoroughly work on displays of the future, and Apple Pro XDR Display, among other things, and even the test range to check was found during the many years of working solutions and testing them in a real application. Theoretically, the mini-LED OLED is superior in almost all respects, and deprived of most of its shortcomings. Experiments with such screens have been conducted for almost ten years – but due to numerous technical and technological problems the time of their publication had not yet come.

Apple has the chance to be in this area one of the first. But something prevents to be happy. Probably someone in the company’s management came to the conclusion that the “Apple” standards cost too much, and tried to stamp them out, starting with the “Apple” laptops. By the way, about some new keyboard Ming Chi-Kuo also mentioned.

The project is still a newer keyboard

Judging by telling the top managers of Apple, the main goal of this project is to create a keyboard which has never and no one had. In my opinion this is not necessary, for almost four years we have had an unprecedented opportunity to enjoy this keyboard. The essence of the new idea – instead of mechanical switches used in keyboards since time immemorial, to use the light sensors. Besides that it sounds great by itself, a huge number of all sorts of tricks which I never thought be possible.

Illustration from a patent application Apple, November 2019

If such a keyboard will work reliably as a keyboard, without superfluous tricks – that is, if it is subjected to cruel tests in different conditions, I don’t mind. But if decisions about the fate of those or other projects, Apple was taken by a General vote, I would vote against this project. Another “butterfly”, even light, Apple does not outsource. Ming Chi-Kuo told me about some other project keyboard, but it seems to have closed. Tried it, was horrified – and took a new one. I hope it is also first experience “on cats”. Maybe optical sensors have some meaning, but I don’t like repetition have not really ended the story.

Pro processors new MacBook Pro (and Mac Pro)

About it I already wrote – and I will not repeat: processors that are better than those already in use (since the spring) to MacBook Pro there is not expected. If I worked for it, Intel already announced would be about it. But now, when the head of Intel’s former top Manager of the unit, AMD’s development of graphics processors, at a regular press conference, the company introduced a very good and advanced the project of a new chip, discrete graphics processor Xe, which, judging from statements made by Intel, will compete with the best processors from AMD. But, first, it is still only statements, and how they will succeed in fact is still unknown. Second, these graphics processors should be sold in 2021. By that time, so much can change, especially that the coming year promises to be rich in innovations in different fields.

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By the way, did you know that the processors for the Mac Pro are named according to their main parameters (number of cores and core clock frequency), in anticipation of some new Intel Xeon 10-th generation, about the same characteristics? I still hope that D-day when Apple will reveal all the secrets of the new Mac which is more a symbol than a real computer will still be that Intel is still not completely abandoned the development of the good old CPU. But in the contour characteristics as before, fit only Intel Xeon W-3200. We’ll know soon whether this is a W-3200 or something new. Be if at all.

And in the new MacBook Pro, if nothing changes in the next few months, Apple just will have no other choice except for going to a private system-on-chip, and it is a difficult and painful process, fraught with so many problems and bugs, and I’m not sure that the current Apple generally able to cope with this problem. While no adequate alternative to no Intel, no AMD. The transition to processors from AMD is slightly inferior to the complexity of the transition to chips of its own design. So if you think today is bad, you are wrong: today is bad tomorrow we might be incredibly good.

I really hope no one of my pessimistic predictions won’t come true. Or will come true not all of them.

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