Why represent a list of nominations and awards, “Emmy” 2018 to television series the defining moment for the industry the internet?

لماذا تُمثل قائمة ترشيحات جوائز "إيمي" ٢٠١٨ للمسلسلات التليفزيونية لحظة فارقة لصناعة الإنترنت ؟

Declared in the twelfth of the month of July the annual list of the full nominations the television series American candidate awards “Emmy – Emmy Awards” for the current year of 2018. The Emmy Awards are months in the field of TV production since it began granting them for the first time in 1949.

Rise technical are closely related to production of film and television in terms of the means and techniques used in production, and other broadcast media and film, marketing, etc., but that’s not what it means here, where the nominations of the current year other phenomenon represents one of the key moments of the Internet industry in the world.

Succeeded “Netflix – Netflix”, the giant digital broadcasting via the internet, in the list of this world in drawing a whole new image for one industry, TV production, Having achieved for the first time in the history of the 112 nominated for awards different than the awards of the current year, superior to the production company American giant HBO, which received 108 nominations different.

This number of historical becoming that is the first time in history that the production company is confined to broadcast its content on digital media only the largest number of nominations for Emmy Awards for production of television In general, and at the same time historical myth was the monopoly of HBO for this title for a period extended to 17 years without interruption.

In the time it would in this historic achievement in the name of “Netflix”, but the phenomenon extends to “Amazon” and “Hulu – Hulu ” where all of them also on some prizes this year, confirming that it is not a single event, but already the moment of turning the history of the start of the control of Internet companies and the film production forenoon that every traditional production companies for decades.

Recall that the first purchase of Internet companies on that prestigious list for nominations awards “Emmy” for TV was in 2013, since 5 years only, when he claimed “Netflix” 14 nominate a different production of the famous and wide popular House of Cards. Since then, the increasing problems of “Netflix” in these annual awards year after year until it reached to 91 nomination for the past year, 2017, before they met the historical for the current year.

From that moment, I can’t imagine that retracts the contributions of Internet companies and digital broadcasting in this sector, but wait to increase their control, along with digital transformation are evident traditional companies are other. Will the coming years, in my estimation, the contributions of the more influential by other companies, in particular the “Amazon” that looks very serious in exploring this area is the other.

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