Why spend on mobile more than 1000 dollars is insane

Remember that glorious time when you could pay less than $ 600 for a brand new iPhone or a flagship from Samsung? Or buy the latest version of OnePlus for less than 400 bucks? Now, however, almost impossible to find the actual device (it is about leaders, not about depreciating last year’s models) from market leaders in less than $ 800. But if you want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, then be prepared to pay for the flagman not less than 1000 American presidents. But is it necessary to spend that kind of money on a smartphone? In most cases, no.

Is it worth paying for the smartphone more than $ 1,000?

Why smartphones have become so expensive?

Yes, the market has changed. Like it or not, but the mobile phone industry is currently experiencing a kind of stagnation. Technological stagnation when innovation is not as important as before. But also, no less important, if I may, “the economic stagnation of the market”, which is simply overloaded with gadgets. In 2018, according to the independent analytical Agency Strategy Analytics and Counterpoint Research, smartphone sales have stopped growing.

New devices with high-end no longer provide innovations that make you forget last year’s smartphone and want to replace it with a new one. Companies no longer can (at least try) to set new trends and give us the features that we will use in the future and will not be able to get at the actual models. In this respect, the output would be foldable smartphones, it’s really something new, but the”successes” Samsung Galaxy Fold suggests that their time has not come yet. At least not yet.

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Take for example the function that many manufacturers focus lately, tough camera. The main difference between the current flagships of the flagships launched two or three years ago, is merely that the camera of these smartphones perfectly removes in the dark. But, let’s be honest, this opportunity is really worth it to put $ 1,000 on account of the fact that 3-year-old “old man” with basic daily tasks still to cope with a Bang? You can write your opinion in our chat in Telegram. Discussion on this topic.

Let’s look at another example — OnePlus 7T. From the performance point of view, the smartphone does not have anything that would make it a less desirable purchase even in comparison with current devices. Snapdragon 885+, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB of physical memory, a screen frequency of 90 Hertz, and ultra-fast charging. Oh Yes, we almost forgot by “hidden” under the screen fingerprint scanner. Know how much will cost this “monster”? $ 599. That is the price of iPhone 11 Pro Max you can buy two OnePlus 7T. And “half” OnePlus 7T you can exchange for one Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Note 10 is definitely good. But the price is clearly overstated.

So why pay such a huge amount, if you can considerably save? Someone may object that most of the flagships have support for the latest 5G standard. Yes, it is, but the feasibility of networks of the fifth generation , we also recently dismantled. Can read material at this link. In short: 5G in the current infrastructure just doesn’t work as originally intended. So buy a smartphone that costs 1000 dollars or higher is pure insanity and a waste of money.

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