Why stop Facebook and WhatsApp instead suddenly work?!

You might have Yesterday I noticed something strange, send a message to your friend on WhatsApp it up .. you update the main page for the movie you don’t respond I move to Instagram makes the same problem .. but the internet connection activated as well as other applications efficiently .. what happened?!

لماذا توقف فيسبوك و واتس آب وإنستاغرم فجأة عن العمل؟!

Why stop Facebook and WhatsApp instead suddenly work?!

True, you’re not alone who encountered this problem, millions around the world happened to them. what might you exactly: sudden stop apps Facebook and WhatsApp and Instagram continued for hours before returning back to work.

Why did you stop three apps at once?!

Maybe you don’t know that Facebook has with the acquisition of the application Instagram WhatsApp in the previous years as more: a million dollars to buy Instagram in 2012, and then $ 19 billion to acquire WhatsApp 2014.

Three applications all rely on the same servers owned by the parent company Facebook, has hit those servers to malfunction is not detected its details, which has led to three apps with for work at the same time.

Facebook issued yesterday an official statement to comment on it where they acknowledged the problem, which lasted two hours and a half ago, and an apology without looking to any further details about the reasons for the holiday.

It is worth mentioning that the failure of a similar hit three apps late last March and continued for more than 24 hours, and holidays the worst in the history of Facebook since its launch in 2004.

There are 2.5 billion people around the world uses each and every one of them at least one application of the apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

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