Why tea bags are dangerous to health?

For many of us, tea is familiar from childhood drink that we drink at least once a day. And we drink it with a special love, for it is not enough that flavorful, and carries tremendous benefits for bones, teeth, gums and the whole body. But let’s be honest — most of us are too lazy to brew tea leaves, so in the morning we just throw in a Cup of tea bag and fill it with boiling water. It is quite tasty, but did you know that tea bags contain billions of micro-plastic particles that enter our body and clog it?

Drinking tea in teabags is bad for health

This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by canadian scientists. They noticed that many manufacturers of packaged tea stopped manufacturing bags and switched to using plastic. To recognize these teas is quite easy — the packages are a mesh structure and have high strength, whereas paper bags are thick and easily torn. Scientists suspect that plastic bags can be dangerous to people and decided to check their guesses.

It looks like a plastic tea bag

Harm tea bags

The researchers walked through the shops in the canadian city of Montreal and bought four kinds of tea bags. In the lab they carefully poured the tea and placed the empty bags in 95-degree boiling water. Five minutes later they examined the fluid under a microscope and, most likely, was very surprised, because it was a huge number of microscopic particles of plastic.

Look like paper tea bags — they are relatively safe

In particular, the scientists found two kinds of micro-plastic. In each Cup they found about 11,6 billion micro-plastic particles larger than 100 nanometers. Also, the cups contained 3.1 billion neoplastica particle size of less than 100 nanometers. It turns out that eating tea bags, everything we swallow, in fact, plastic trash. There is nothing surprising in the fact that a huge number of micro-plastic is now found even in children’s blood.

Yes what there to speak, the plastic started to eat even turtles!

How microplastics affect the human body?

Scientists do not yet know exactly how plastic tea bags affects the human body. Its effects on the organisms of living beings were studied only on the example of a Daphnia is a tiny crustacean creatures that are often used in ecological experiments. By placing them in water and allowing to be filled with plastic particles, the scientists found that crustaceans have strange behavior.

Daphnia is a tiny crustacean creatures

For example, some individuals could not form a skeleton, and showed abnormally rapid growth. The scientists also noticed that participated in the study Daphnia started to swim at a much greater distance than normal individuals. But how microplastics affect the human body? Answer is impossible, but it is clearly not worth the wait.

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However, recently about the dangers of synthetic particles on the human body wrote the publication Scientific American. The article discussed the damage to the internal organs by stopping the growth and reproduction of cells. Also microscopic particles emit hazardous chemicals, including pesticides — compounds for controlling weeds and garden pests. It has long been known that when the penetration of these substances into the human body, he has liver damage.

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What is the result? This study encourages to always pay attention to what tea bags we buy. Next trip to the store I’m sure many of us will pay attention to the material from which the packages are made and choose the paper version. If possible, of course, is to completely abandon the tea bags and brew it yourself. Believe me, the aroma and benefits of this tea much more.

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