Why the anonymous Creator of Bitcoin never uses your cryptocurrency?

Sergio Demian Lerner — blockchain developer and well-known crypto researcher. The expert believes that when you create the first coins Satoshi Nakamoto pursued altruistic goals, that is not going to earn on the growth rate of the cryptocurrency. That is why he will never spend their 1.1 million mined coins.

Mine Bitcoin in the early days of cryptocurrency was easy. Since the total computing power of the network was small, this task was done even CPUs. Today, they are not suitable for mining BTC, but they can still be used for mining Monero XMR.

In addition, immediately after launch a network of Bitcoin there was no chalangov, so the reward for a block was the highest. It was 50 BTC. With this in mind early cryptocurrency miners have accumulated a huge stockpile of coins. Well, if they could wait a few years, or even earned huge fortunes. As example, the anonymous author, which in the second half may have moved 50 BTC produced in February 2009. Accordingly, never touched them eleven years, during which coins began to be measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read more about this story read in a separate article.

How much bitcoin from Satoshi Nakamoto

We now know that at the time Nakamoto was the first Bitcoin miner in the early days of the project produced about 1.1 million BTC, or at least 5 percent of the maximum amount of cryptocurrencies. Lerner devoted to the search bitcoin Satoshi at least three years. But in the end he did not want to “dig further” in order not to disturb the Creator of the cryptocurrency in vain. Here is his quote in which he describes his point of view.

I don’t want to get to this, I’ve already done enough for the transparency of Bitcoin. A more detailed investigation may affect the interests of privacy Satoshi.

Nakamoto, according to Lerner, will never spend one million bitcoins mined in the early days of the cryptocurrency. Sergio made this conclusion after a lengthy analysis of the behavior of the developer.

Based on the history of coins Satoshi, I don’t think he ever will use them. So I think that may not be fairer and more altruistic way of creating Bitcoins.

That is, the expert believes that the developer didn't plan to get rich on this idea. According to his version, Satoshi using his invention would make the world a better place. And with some personal goals that did not overlap.

биткоины монеты криптовалюты

Relax Satoshi will leave your bitcoins to yourself

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In other words, Nakamoto allegedly did not want to discredit its image. Still the value of the first mined bitcoin is not measured by their value in dollars, and the ideological basis of cryptocurrency. Recall that the Bitcoin blockchain is completely transparent, so the movement of Satoshi coins immediately will cause serious unrest in the industry and can even derail the market.

Сатоши Накамото

Satoshi Nakamoto

50 the above-mentioned BTC of 2009 also caused panic, but it was with good overtones. Representatives of the cryptocurrency community was genuinely surprised at the patience of the owner of the coins, which managed to preserve them for eleven years.

We believe that Satoshi really will not use your coins to reveal their identity. Obviously, if he hasn't done it since 2009 — and cleverly concealed his tracks in the future to hope for such a scenario and does not make sense. So that members of the cryptocurrency community, it's easy to forget about the idea deanonimizatsii developer and guide the forces to something else. For example, the destruction of popular myths about cryptocurrency.

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