Why the comparison between Android and iOS impossible and irrational?

Longer articles comparison between Apple and Android is months at all sites, whether Arab or foreign for many reasons either the same as each side strives to prove that the chosen operating system is built on the foundations of the logic of this system is the best suitable process or for technical reasons such as to measure the efficiency advantages developed in each system. We noted that in many of these articles leads the readers comparisons based on their personal experience with the systems, but we find that the mission is located in the fallacy of a comparison is not logical or accurate. Simply because you think the comparison between iOS and Android as just almost impossible.

لماذا المقارنة بين الأندرويد و iOS مستحيلة وغير منطقية؟

When we talk about iOS and its organs, it is quite simple; it’s the iPhone, and his brother the larger and younger the iPad working for the famous knowledge. No significant difference is almost only based on gear specific device such as differences the iPhone and the iPad size or direction, as well as the advantages such as multi-touch three-dimensional existing in some devices.

The Android situation is very complicated; the company Google releases update for Android and all the company of the modification on this system and add or delete some more. We mentioned this several times previously that the product of this is that some might begin to make illogical comparisons. For example, say you other “This feature is present in Android for years. she says that’s not true. he tells you they exist in Android and have the phone be the Galaxy S6, such as” when we offered an article talking about the advantages of Android 7.0 two years ago –this link– we were surprised by the attack because we mentioned that Google added a feature to run more than one application at the same time “split-screen” or continue to watch the video after coming out of the app and some said We “lie” and recall things is incorrect to make fun of Android because this feature existed years ago. But this is not true and the fact that the company was amended on Android adds a feature to run two applications or split-screen to be an essential feature to sell their device the most famous of these devices family note from Samsung; but actually Google didn’t add this feature is only in Android nougat 7.0; but the ubiquity of these devices some thought it is a feature in Android itself.

This repeated a dozen times of more, so we can test it to compare the iPhone to any Android device is easy because it is compared explicitly between the hardware and the advantages of system a specific rate. But the transition to the operating system understanding of the problem, namely: what is the Android app of the coupling between it and the iOS? Maybe some see that the answer is a comparison with Android’s rough, but it’s not logical because the Android of this very rare and perhaps less devices operating on 2% of Android phones because they are limited to devices the pix devices Android one. So if the comparison is true in theory but it’s illogical because you compare with devices rare, especially in the Arab world who does not find the phones pixels.

Quick examples of the advantages of Android known, but she doubled by the company and supported by Google itself in its:

Record calls: preventing legal regulations in most countries of the world register calls accordingly not provided by Google; but Chinese companies had added as part of the system; and a lot of other companies to add it by a trick which clarify somehow the other party that the call is registered. News says that Google is considering providing Delivery legally such notification.

Screen permanent: feature spread recently is to add the phone screen permanently sign or anything else in the dark; and in phones Samsung S7-S9 and phone, LG G5, and others. But the real feature is placed by companies, not google. Maybe in the future add the Google system, but even this moment is an added feature of the company only.

Anime advanced: after Apple introduced the feature money wanted Samsung to provide a feature similar to announced AR beam followed by several companies of them Shawty on her phone Mi 8 recently but actually these advantages are the of companies.

Additional memory: actually don’t put Google the possibility of adding a memory card in any of their organs but it does not prevent also the presence of it; and in recent years began to challenge Android in improves the management cards this memory; but she still advises not to add them because it is a disaster for devices in terms of performance.

Fast shipping: believe it or not a gap actually advises companies not to provide technology charging especially technology Qualcomm 2.0/3.0/4.0 that depend on it (Samsung – Sony – LG – HTC – Mi – Lenovo – Motorola) and others, and, explicitly in the files of the Android and guide to use it the company wants to add the Vickers technique PD (the same Technology iPhone 8/X) and indeed Google itself supports this technology in its phones. This is not the concept of what does the charging system operating, but this is what he advises Google and remember it explicitly.

One last word

The difference between the advantage of a company features of Android which Google itself will be present in all the phones and whatever other device you will find it. As you add the Samsung if I bought the Huawei phone, you’ll never find it and vice versa.

But this does not mean that articles comparison between Android and iOS will be available, but we wanted to clarify this difference when we write an article like “buttons floating” understanding we chose to feature in Android and make it user Shawty or Lenovo or Huawei or Samsung and soon we will publish the second part of this series. But when there is a special advantage to one company will be provided is a comparison of the feature “Apple” SIC and “Samsung” and not feature the “Android” so just as we did in compared to the anime developer from Apple and Samsung.

Do you agree with us that it was difficult to comparison really between Android and iOS? Any company to see the Android version is better in your opinion?

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